Shin Bet arrests members of 2 W. Bank terror cells

Suspects were responsible for shooting, bombing attacks against security forces, Shin Bet says. Shin Bet arrests two West Bank terror cells

Masked Hamas terrorist 311 R (photo credit: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters)
Masked Hamas terrorist 311 R
(photo credit: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters)
The Shin Bet has captured members of two Palestinian terror cells allegedly behind a number of attacks against Israeli security forces in the West Bank.
One of the cells was arrested in early September and consisted of a number of members, ranging in ages from 18 to 22.
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The cell members opened fire in late August on a Border Police jeep in the village of Shura near Bethlehem.
The cell members would initiate civil disturbances in the area to draw security forces and would then open fire at them with various weapons they had assembled. No one was injured in any of the attacks.
The Shin Bet said that the arrest of the cell members thwarted their plans to attack a Jewish settler who frequently drove villagers from Shura throughout the West Bank.
The second cell operated out of the village of Zuta near Nablus and was behind a bomb attack against an IDF patrol near the village.
One of the cell’s members served a two-year stint in Israeli jail for membership in Hamas. The member, Ahmed Musa, built the bomb used in the attack against the IDF patrol and plotted additional attacks that were thwarted by the Shin Bet.