Snow falls on Hermon, expected in Upper Galilee peaks

Wintry weather brings 80 mm of rain to North; Kinneret water level rises 4 cm; potential for floods across Negev, southern region.

snow prep jlem_311 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
snow prep jlem_311
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
The thunderous storm that hit Tuesday was expected to continue for the next day, weakening over the weekend. The storm brought icy winds and rains throughout the country, thunderstorms, snow to the Hermon, and potential flooding to the Negev and southern region.
Wednesdasy night Army Radio reported that snowfall was piling on top of the approximate 70 cm of snow that has already fallen this year in the lower cable car at Mount Hermon, and on the upper cable car,over a meter joined the 60 cm that had already fallen. It was likely that snow would continue falling Thursday and site visitors would be able to begin visiting over the weekend.
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Snowwas expected to reach the northern peaks of other mountains and light snow was still expected in Jerusalem.
Less than expected snow also fell in the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights because the weather was not cold enough, hovering around 1 degree Celsius. As such, schools in the north were open per usual Thursday morning, Army Radio reported.
The Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) was hoping for more rain in the Lake Kinneret region after precipitation pushed water levels up four centimeters. The daily rainfall reported Thursday for Tel Aviv and its environs was 15 mm, 15 mm in Haifa, and an expected 2-3 mm overnight in the South. The IMS was reporting that up to 80 mm of precipitation will have fallen in the North within the next few days.
On Friday, the storm was expected to weaken. On Saturday, localized showers were expected throughout the day.