Soccer legend Avi Cohen dies at TA's Ichilov Hospital

Former Maccabi Tel Aviv and Liverpool defender's heart stops beating, a day after he was pronounced brain dead.

Avi Cohen family 311 (photo credit: Aloni Mor)
Avi Cohen family 311
(photo credit: Aloni Mor)
The 54-year-old soccer legend Avi Cohen died Wednesday morning at Ichilov Hospital after his heart stopped beating.
Eight days of hopes and prayers – by the family of former Maccabi Tel Aviv and Liverpool defender – ended bitterly on Tuesday, following an announcement that he was brain dead.
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A committee from the Ministry of Health came to the sad conclusion after examining Cohen, ending any chance of the 54-year-old recovering from the injuries he suffered in a motorbike accident near the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange last week.
“Unfortunately, the committee from the Ministry of Health confirmed that dad has suffered brain death, and therefore he has passed away,” said a tearful and distraught Tamir Cohen, Avi’s son and Israel national team and Bolton Wanderers midfielder. “I would like to thank everyone in Israel for all their support. Now give us time to fully grasp the situation we have found ourselves in.”
According to a hospital statement released Tuesday, “in this situation there are three options for the family: the first is to donate organs to save other lives, the second is to disconnect life support, and the third is to end medical treatment except for life support, until the heart stops functioning.”
Judy Siegel-Itzkovich contributed to this report