State attorney: Gilad Sharon case lacks evidence

Moshe Lador says situation illustrates the difficulties in prosecuting corruption against public officials.

Gilad Sharon (R) 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Gilad Sharon (R) 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
There was not enough evidence in the bribery case against Gilad Sharon to bring about a conviction, State Attorney Moshe Lador said on Wednesday.
In a statement released by his office, Lador said that the case was also complicated due to the failure by a number of people abroad to cooperate with the investigation.
A week ago, the state dropped the case against former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s son, which had alleged that he had brokered bribes on his father’s behalf.
This decision followed a petition submitted by Sharon to the High Court in November in which he asked the court to explain why the case had not been concluded.
The allegations were that Sharon illegally handled multimillion-dollar transfers from South African businessman Cyril Kern to his father.
Lador’s statement added that because of the senior Sharon’s physical condition it is impossible to expect him to testify, or to be questioned about the investigation’s findings, or for his son to be expected to explain or defend his past actions.
Lador’s statement ends with a passage about how this case and others like it have illustrated the difficulties facing the state in prosecuting corruption and economic crimes, including against public officials.
Lador also expresses his hope that greater measures can be taken to improve the system in order to give the state a better chance in fighting such crimes.