Suspect arrested in Tel Aviv knife attack investigation

Police suspect that a work dispute between young woman who was stabbed in center of city and 33-year-old man may be reason for attack.

Tel Aviv Police arrested a 33-year-old gym instructor in connection with a knife attack on Tel Aviv's Sderot Hen in early February, in which the victim was seriously injured.
Police investigators arrested the man, who was the victim's subordinate at their place of work, overnight Monday in Ramat Gan. He denied all charges against him.
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The suspect was expected to be brought before the Tel Aviv District Court where police said they would request a remand extension.
In addition, police also arrested a 32-year-old man from Holon in connection with the attack.
According to the investigation, the suspect and the young woman came to blows a number of times at the non-profit organization where they worked.
The woman, who cannot be named,  was ambushed on the corner of Sderot Hen and Rehov Hashfotim by an unidentified man armed with a knife.
She was stabbed and rushed to Ichilov Medical Center in critical condition.
The attacker snatched her bag and fled on a moped.