Trial of Ra’anana mom accused of murdering her kids begins

According to indictment filed against Michal Aloni, she strangled her youngest daughter with a sock and immediately afterwards strangled her other daughter.

311_raanana kids murder scene crowd (photo credit: Alon Hakmon / Israel Post)
311_raanana kids murder scene crowd
(photo credit: Alon Hakmon / Israel Post)
The trial of Michal Aloni, the Ra’anana woman accused of murdering her two small children, began on Sunday in the Central District Court in Petah Tikva.
According to the indictment filed against Aloni, she strangled her youngest daughter, four-year-old Roni, with a sock and immediately afterwards strangled her six-year-old daughter, Natalie.
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A psychiatric evaluation submitted in April found that Aloni was fit to stand trial.
Aloni’s husband, Amos, came to the court on Sunday, but could not enter the courtroom as he is to testify as a prosecution witness. However, he told reporters his wife had murdered his daughters “in cold blood.”
Amos Aloni previously told police he called Magen David Adom paramedics to Aloni’s house after becoming concerned that his wife did not answer her phone.
In Sunday’s hearing, the court heard testimony from Daniel Klughaft, the MDA paramedic first to arrive on at Aloni’s apartment.
He testified that Amos Aloni took him to a room where the two girls were and that Michal Aloni asked if she could look at her daughters.
“She said ‘I want to see the girls, I want to see what I did to them,’” said Klughaft, who later told police what Aloni had said.
Klughaft testified that when he arrived at the scene, Aloni’s husband told him to “save them, she’s killed them.”
Harel Keinan, a member of the Ra’anana municipal security patrol, testified that Aloni’s husband had told them his wife had killed the children. Aloni’s defense attorney, Orit Hayon, said the prosecution’s case is based on Amos Aloni’s accusation that his wife murdered the two children, and that Aloni’s alleged confession is not admissible since it was not taken from her according to regulation. The trial will continue on November 6.