Two brothers from Ghajar nabbed for smuggling cocaine

Brothers believed to have smuggled drugs from Lebanese citizen; Lebanon Border Unit makes arrest.

Ghajar Lebanon border_311 (photo credit: Baz Ratner/Reuters)
Ghajar Lebanon border_311
(photo credit: Baz Ratner/Reuters)
Two brothers from the northern border town of Ghajar were arrested on suspicion of smuggling cocaine, police announced on Wednesday.
The arrests follow an undercover operation carried out by the police's Lebanon Border Unit - an elite, heavily armed force whose camouflaged members lie in ambush for drug runners along the border, and the IDF's Northern Command.
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Police suspect the brothers, both in their 40s, smuggled cocaine from a Lebanese citizen. They were arrested over the weekend and caught with 1.2 kilograms of cocaine and $50,000 in their possession which was intended as payment for the drugs, police said.
"The operation lasted for two months. We expect to make further arrests," a senior police source involved in the investigation told The Jerusalem Post.
The source stressed that the IDF took part in the investigation and played a role in the arrests.
Meanwhile, police in central Israel raided the triangle region of Arab villages east of Netanya early Wednesday. Large numbers of police backed by Border Police raided eight compounds said to house "criminal elements" suspected of involvement in serious crimes including the selling of drugs and weapons.
Police said that the suspects were also involved in a number of other criminal affairs being investigated.
Several suspects were arrested and police seized stolen cars, weaponry and narcotics.