Two rockets slam into Eilat following 'Code Red' siren

No injuries or damage reported; Eilat airport reportedly temporarily closed; Channel 2 says one rocket fell in yard of home, second in open area; two rockets also land in Aqaba.

Eilat rocket (photo credit: Spokesperson police southern region)
Eilat rocket
(photo credit: Spokesperson police southern region)
At least two rockets hit the city of Eilat Wednesday morning, according to media reports, but the army has not confirmed this yet.
One rocket landed in an open area, and the other landed in a residential area, causing minor damage.
Israel Police confirmed they located the two rockets that exploded in Eilat.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said bomb disposal crews located two rocket landing areas. "We've shut down the airport for security reasons. We'll take additional precautions in the event of more rocket sirens," he told The Jerusalem Post.
Channel 2 said one rocket fell in the yard of a home, and the second in an open area. A number of residents reportedly suffered shock.
An Eilat police spokesman told the 103 FM radio station, close to 9 a.m. sirens were heard. A number of explosions were heard by residents following the sirens.
Two rockets also landed in the neighboring Jordanian resort city of Aqaba, Israel Radio reported.
The IDF deployed an Iron Dome battery outside the southern resort city at the beginning of the month.
The missile defense battery was stationed there in anticipation of possible rocket fire from the Egyptian Sinai peninsula. 
Eilat mayor Meir Yitzhak Halevi said the Red Sea resort city will "Slowly return to routine" adding he knows jihadi forces are trying to harm Eilat and he hopes the rocket launchers will be caught.
Halevi said as far as he knew the Iron Dome anti-rocket battery was not activated.