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An oil tanker loads gas in Assaluyeh seaport at the Persian Gulf

Oil tanker reportedly involved in 'incident' in Red Sea

It is unclear if the reported incident was an attack on an oil tanker in the area.


Red Sea coral reefs at risk of bleaching if temperature drops - study

Research showed just how close their lower threshold Israel's southern coral reefs live.

Defense officials call to probe leak of alleged Israeli op. against Iran

The revelation of this alleged Israeli involvement was unusual in that generally Israel prefers to keep a low profile if it undertakes such attacks.

The coast of the Red Sea from southern Eilat.

Will Red Sea incident mobilize pro-Iran-deal Israel critics in the US?

The incident could harm those who support “rapprochement,” the article noted. This would cast the attack as somehow harming the exploration of talks between Iran and the US.

Israel notifies US it attacked Iranian ship in Red Sea - report

While officially listed as a merchant ship, the Saviz was likely a covert IRGC forward base.


Red Sea on the brink of environmental catastrophe

Abandoned, rebel-held Yemeni tanker could spill four times as much oil as Exxon Valdez

A handout picture released by the Suez Canal Authority on March 24, 2021

Suez Canal blocking ship drew a penis in water before getting stuck spokesperson Mihail Mitev confirmed to VICE News that the ship tracking data was accurate, saying "there is no room for some kind of conspiracies or false data.”

Ship blocking Suez Canal like 'beached whale' could be stuck for weeks

It is now blocking transit in both directions through one of the world's busiest shipping channels for goods, oil, grain and other products linking Asia and Europe.

Suez Canal

Suez Canal blocked by large container ship - photos

The large container ship apparently hit ground while traversing the waterway.


Decaying Yemen tanker risks Red Sea oil spill worse than Exxon Valdez

The oil spill would directly affect the coral reefs of the northern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, one of the last reef ecosystems to survive and thrive to this day.

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