Woman confesses to beating elderly mother to death with hammer

Daughter, suffering from terminal form of cancer, says she carried out the gruesome act so that her mother would not be alone after her child passed away.

Gavel from Reuters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Chip East)
Gavel from Reuters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Chip East)
A woman from Ness Ziona confessed to beating her elderly mother to death with a hammer, saying she did it so that her mother wouldn’t be alone after she passed away, police said Tuesday.
The daughter is suffering from a terminal form of cancer, police said, and was her 80-year-old mother’s caretaker.
Police said the 40-year-old woman planned the murder for over 48 hours, buying sleeping pills to take after killing her mother, who she beat to death while she was sleeping in her bed.
The family never had any history of domestic abuse and was not registered with social services.
The mother, Nadiva Reiver, was found by her son, who came to her apartment after she failed to answer his phone calls for two days.
Inside the apartment, the son found his mother lying in her bed beaten to death with a bloody hammer nearby, and in the next room, his sister lying unconscious after having taken an overdose of pills.
Investigators took down the daughter’s confession from her hospital bed where her remand was extended on Monday. Her case has now been passed on to prosecutors, who will make a decision about indicting her for the murder.