NIS 5.84 billion approved for Tel Aviv-Yafo 2022 budget

The 2022 budget for the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality was approved on Monday night by the City Council.

The regular budget proposal amounts to NIS 5.84 billion, which is an increase of NIS 330 million in comparison to the 2021 budget, and it will be used to improve all services provided to the city's residents, with an emphasis on education, welfare, community, quality of life, and the environment.

The development budget proposal for 2022 amounts to NIS 1.93 billion and was developed based on an updated five-year plan that includes infrastructure development, construction of public buildings, culture, education and sports.

"This moment of the year is the essential basis for everything that happens in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo," said Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai.

"These numbers are going to make valuable decisions. Through them, we can make a reality of abstract concepts such as culture, welfare, community, education, fostering science, research and rational thinking, democracy and tolerance, long-term planning, sustainability, national responsibility and more."