Israeli freight forwarding company ISLINE to represent Flexport

The Israeli freight forwarding company ISLINE has been chosen to represent the global freight firm Flexport in Israel. 

Flexport, founded in 2013 by Ryan Petersen with the goal of changing the traditional shipping industry, has raised more than $2.3 billion and is currently worth over $8b. The company is ranked among the largest in its field thanks to its meteoric growth based on a unique technology that connects all the supply-chain elements in one interface. Flexport is the first digital shipping company in the world, transporting goods worth more than $20b. to 112 countries per year. 

The company realized the potential for entry into the Israeli market and chose ISLINE to realize this. The Israeli market is one of the most important trade markets in the world today. The market is a niche and special one, and in order to be successful it was necessary to find a partner that was technological, strong and experienced. The choice of ISLINE was natural due to the companies’ common goal of making world trade simpler, more transparent and more convenient.

ISLINE CEO Orel Hershkovitch said, “We are pleased with the privilege we have been given to represent the shipping giant Flexport in Israel.... The cooperation between us and the combination of the power and technology of Flexport with ours, are expected to make ISLINE a leader in the Israeli market. I have no doubt that this cooperation is a significant step for Israel in the field of shipping.”

ISLINE was founded 36 years ago by Reuven Hershkovitch. Today, the company is one of the largest in its field in Israel and has about 120 employees in seven branches. Among the company’s customers are entities such as Dor Chemicals, Teva Naot, Diplomat, Castro and Unilever.