Frontlines Podcast: Palestinian insight into 'knife intifada'

Palestinian activist who turned to peaceful resistance after trying to stab IDF soldiers as a youth, sheds light on mentality of Palestinians who support third intifada.

Knife intifada
This week, Israelis were shaken by two separate terror attacks that killed a young Israeli woman and an IDF soldier, the former in the West Bank and the latter in Tel Aviv. Amid discussion that the third intifada has begun, the Frontlines Podcast hosts Sulamain Khatib, co-founder of the organization Combatants for Peace, started by Palestinians and former Israeli soldiers who have renounced violence for peaceful activism. Khatib was jailed in Israel at age 14 for trying to stab IDF soldiers, lightly injuring them, and after 10 and a half years of imprisonment, turned to nonviolent resistance and became a peace activist. Khatib sheds light on the recent uptick in violence, which some are referring as the 'knife intifada'.
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