Watch: Jon Stewart takes aim at Sheldon Adelson for his influence in Republican politics

The 81-year-old Jewish casino magnate played a heavy role in the last presidential election, donating over $100 million.

Jon stewart mocks Sheldon Adelson (photo credit: screenshot)
Jon stewart mocks Sheldon Adelson
(photo credit: screenshot)
Comedian John Stewart on Thursday lampooned Jewish casino magnate and heavyweight Republican benefactor Sheldon Adelson for his influence on US presidential politics following recent criticism Hillary Clinton received over foreign donations made to the Clinton Foundation.

The Daily Show

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In the opening segment of Thursday night's episode, Stewart shined a light on the current US debate on how, and from what sources politicians receive money to fund their political causes. The issue arose after a week of scathing criticism against Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton and the foreign donations the Clinton Foundation received during her time as US secretary of state.
Stewart juxtaposed the recent row against Hillary Clinton and the "hypocritical acceptance of domestic campaign money" given to Republican politicians.