What’s a podcast and how do I get it?

What’s a podcast and how do I get it?
What is a podcast?
A podcast is essentially a radio show that’s delivered directly to you over the Internet. What’s great about podcasts is that, unlike radio, you can listen to your favorite shows whenever you want. Instead of tuning in live, you can use computer programs or mobile apps to ‘subscribe’ to the shows you love (such as the JPost Podcast). The program automatically detects when a new episode comes out and downloads it, meaning you can listen to it whenever you’re ready.
Why should I be obsessed with podcasts?
Podcasts are convenient.
Unlike a video, which requires your full visual attention, a Podcast is a medium you can enjoy while you’re doing other activities.
Do you have a long commute? Do you get bored on the treadmill? Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date or hear amazing stories when you’re driving, biking, running, walking, cooking, cleaning, or even just sitting on the couch.
In the age of information overload, Podcasts are a great way to keep up with your interests and add a little entertainment to the drab parts of life.
Ok, you’ve convinced me, so how do I subscribe to great shows like the JPost Podcast?
The best way to enjoy podcasts is to subscribe to shows like the JPost Podcast on your computer or mobile device. To do that, you’ll need a podcast program or app.
Subscribe on iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device:
If you use an iPhone or iPad, your device comes with an app called Podcasts. If you’re viewing this page from that device now, you can just click here. Otherwise, open the app, tap on “search” on the lower right, type in JPost, and click on the logo.
On the JPost Frontline Podcast screen, you’ll see a purple button that says ‘Subscribe.’  Tap it, and you’re set! The first episode should start downloading. From now on, you’ll have the latest episodes of the podcast on your device shortly after we post them.
Subscribe on Android:
The easiest way to subscribe on android is through Google Play Music, though the service is not available in every country yet. Just and click "subscribe"
Alternatively, you can download any one of a number of podcasting apps, including Stitcher, TuneIn, Podcast Republic, or the iTunes Podcast app.
Once you’ve installed your app of choice, go to the search, enter the term JPost, and click on the Jpost Podcast. Click on the subscribe button, and you’re set!
On your Mac or PC:
The biggest program for podcasts on your Mac or PC is iTunes, which Mac users already have and PC users can download here.
Once you have iTunes installed, just click on this link to open the JPost Podcast.
Click “view in iTunes” to open the Podcast page in iTunes, and then click subscribe.
Alternatively, open iTunes and search JPost in the iTunes store. Scroll down to podcasts, click the JPost Podcast, and then click subscribe.
If you’re not a fan of iTunes, some alternatives include gPodder and Juice.
On the Web:
You can listen to the JPost Podcast right here on the Web. Just bookmark this page, and the podcast player will always be up to date when you visit.
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