Simply smashing

Moonshine will transport you back to the 1920s.

Moonshine night kitchen restaurant (photo credit: PR)
Moonshine night kitchen restaurant
(photo credit: PR)
There are places that are evocative of a different era, and then there are the real deals. Moonshine, which recently opened at Tel Aviv’s Night Kitchen restaurant, is a portal back to America in the Prohibition era.
The entrance is not as inconspicuous as most speakeasies. There is a simple black door that you enter and then walk down a few steps. The interior is lush and very 1920s.
Think of it as a cozy, clandestine, well-decorated little time machine. Lighting is dim, and seating is sparse. The candles add a nice touch to the ambience. You have to make a reservation for this place because it’s rather small, and large parties are probably discouraged.
The moonshine-infused cocktails are delicious works of art. We sampled many of the drinks off the menu and thoroughly enjoyed them. This will probably sound silly, but I didn’t realize that moonshine was a legit drink – I thought it had to come from an illegal still in the woods. In fact, it’s just corn whiskey with a characteristic burn that can be tempered by aging and mixology.
Our mixologist Mor (one of the co-owners of Moonshine) was able to talk about each ingredient in each drink with great detail and passion and had awesome recommendations for custom drinks that were not on the menu.
We began with the smash Louisiana moonshine (NIS 48), as well as the New Orleans moonshine (NIS 48). One of the things I really liked was the very fresh taste of the cocktails. They also were all perfectly sweetened...
not too much, not too little.
There is a good selection of American-style bar food to complement the drinks, such as corn dogs (NIS 27), sloppy Joes (NIS 34), hot Buffalo wings (NIS 33) and mac & cheese (NIS 26). I was very surprised at how good the food was. Not an afterthought or cheap bar snacks but truly excellent small bites.
We finished our meal with the Speedy Gonzales moonshine (NIS 44), which was deliciously spicy, and the apple pie moonshine (NIS 49), which I found a little too sweet.
This is the ultimate date spot for whatever your situation is. Very intimate, quiet, exclusive and overall enjoyable. Again, you want to get there early to ensure you get in; but either way, it’s worth the wait. The atmosphere is sophisticated without being pretentious, and I loved every aspect. I will definitely be going back soon.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Not kosher
43 Lilenblum, Tel Aviv
(03) 566-0481