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Astrology for the week of May 13, 2016

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Be patient and plan wisely.
Try not to let your ego get in the way when working on a fairly new project. Someone, who should know bet- ter, seems to be haggling for top job while stepping on everyone’s toes...yours includ- ed. If you take a step back you will quickly see that they are no com- petition for you so let the blow their horn till they run out of steam. That is when you will make your move. HINT: Financially you are spending a bit more than you should. However, your situation is improving and you have solid, good plans for the next few months which will help a great deal.
Don’t get bogged down in family dra- mas. You know all will turn out just fine and rather than waste your energy worrying, turn it to- ward working on a project which brings you personal satisfaction. It may be difficult for you to get orga- nized this week and rather than try to remember everything make a list and check it often. New ideas con- tinually pop up, but for the next few weeks be wary of committing your - self to any of them. HINT: Financial- ly you feel a bit more secure as mon- ey is beginning to flow into your account. That does not mean, how - ever that you can go on a shopping spree just yet.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Your mind wanders back to ‘the good old days’ and if you are honest with your - self, you will have to admit that as good as they might have been, you are happy that they are over and you are where you are today. The trip down memory lane will give you the push you need to get working on a project now. Be wary of signing any im- portant papers this week and if you must, then first have them examined by an expert. Financially things are a bit tight right now and you will need to pull back a bit if you wish to end the month in the black. HINT: Be patient with your partner and or mate, as this person is marching to the beat of a dif- ferent drummer these days.
A breakdown in communication is expected, and for the next few days back up your com- puter, send import- ant mail special de- livery and double check dates, places and times. You may have to think twice before speaking, but your nat- ural personality attracts people who are willing to listen to what you have to say. Financially things are moving according to plan, so relax and trust yourself. A meeting with a water sign may be delayed. This extra time is exactly what you need and will be used wisely. HINT: Thursday is a per - fect day for spending with your part- ner and/or mate.
Things are definitely moving along but not nearly as fast as you had hoped. Rather than get frus- trated and upset, take a step back and re-examine all the wonderful things you have managed to accomplish so far. Your good name and reputation for honesty and fairness coupled with your integrity and generosity continue opening new doors and soon you will be able to sit back and not worry so much about finances. HINT: Take a few days off to spend with your family and close friends during the middle portion of this week. The rest and break will do you all good.
You may have to turn to your intu- ition when deal- ing with an earth sign. This person is coping nicely with a hectic and exhausting schedule, so be under - standing and patient. You have fabulous ideas and if you wait for a few more weeks before sharing your thoughts with anyone, you will have a better chance of suc- cess. HINT: A conversation with a financial expert may leave you with more questions than an- swers. Don’t hesitate to come pre- pared with a list of questions and don’t leave until you have some appropriate answers.
Things are definitely falling into place and although you would like to have more financial secu- rity, here too you continue to do all you can. Take a few days this week to spend with your partner and/or mate. After a little brainstorming, you will be amazed at how far you can go with a little thought and planning. People living far away are on your mind and soon you will be able to gather the necessary funds in order to make a trip to visit. HINT: When dealing with a Sagittarius, re- member that this person is con- fronting some conflicts in their life which may not leave them available to you as much as you would like.
You are feeling stronger these days and begin taking on more responsibility. Try not to overdo it. Instead the more balanced your life is at the present, the better. It may take you a bit longer than usual to unrav - el a problem, but with your ability to focus on small items and a bit of practical thinking you will do just fine. Financially you aren’t happy with your situation...but then you never are. HINT: Be careful what you put into writing and when pushed into a corner count to ten before speaking. Losing your temper won’t get you where you want to go and might actually hinder your advance- ment.
You have so much pent up energy and not enough time to explore your op- tions. This week you will be happy to find a pocket of space just waiting for you. Use this time wisely and enjoy every sec- ond. You will soon be so busy that any extra free time will be a gift. Financially you need to take a step back for a few more weeks and not make any serious decisions. In the meantime gather information and wait. You won’t be sorry. When the time is right you will know it and that is when you will make your move. HINT: Your mantra this week needs to be ‘balance’.
You can’t seem to get away from ev - eryone who turns to you for advice, a friendly shoulder to lean on or younger members of your family who could use a little cash to ease their tight situation. Never one to say ‘no’ even though you would love to, you have no one but your - self to blame if you are stretched fi- nancially and tired from all the talk you are forced to endure. HINT: The first two days of this week are per - fect for spending with your partner and/or mate. Problems which plagued you in the not so distant past are rapidly easing up and more and more you enjoy each other’s company.
You may find it diffi- cult securing a peaceful corner at home this week and rather than get up- set, take your laptop and go sit in your fa- vorite coffee shop. The anonymity of working in a busy place where you are relatively unknown will provide the space you need in order to do some serious work. Financially you continue to watch your situation carefully and soon all will fall into place and more income will arrive which will take some of the pressure off your shoulders. A conversation with an earth sign will be anything but boring. HINT: Time spent with an older family member is just what the two of you need.
You continue work - ing toward attain- ing your goals and in the coming weeks may have to take a step back and let things move along at their own pace. No sense pushing things as there is an order and rhythm to the Universe which can’t be rushed. Financially you are managing well with what you have and soon you will feel a surge of confidence which will help you to relax where money is concerned. HINT: Your partner and/or mate is tuned into the sensitive part of your nature and intuitively under - stands what you are going through. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and feelings.