Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of April 22, 2016

Tip for the Week: Do it now while you have the time. By the end of the week you will be too involved in other things.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Don’t underestimate yourself, and stop wasting time and energy on ‘what if’.
Instead be proud of yourself and know that by standing up for what you want and need you are sending out a message that you are a sincere and loyal friend; a worthy and very professional member of any firm and a wonderful member of your family. In the weeks to come you will have the opportunity to make a minor change or two which you overlooked in the last few days.
HINT: Financially, everything is falling into place and you can begin to relax.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Your thoughts turn to some incident from the past and in the weeks to come you will have the opportunity to right a wrong that suddenly becomes clear. A great deal of energy is focused on your partner and/or mate and the time is right to take a step back in order to appreciate all you have accomplished together so far. Financially you are always concerned about money and although the path is clear you still need to pay close attention to your bank balance.
HINT: Take some time this weekend to enjoy the company of another air sign who you haven’t seen in a while.
Try not to let family drama weigh you down. You know in your heart that all will be well and the less involved you are, the better. Instead, use this time to work on a personal project that brings you pleasure. And, when all is done, pick your feet up and relax knowing you have done a fabulous job. Financially, even though things are fine at the present time, in the future you may suffer a cash flow.
So the tighter you tie your belt now, the better things will be down the road.
HINT: A conversation with your partner and/or mate will help tighten the bond between you as you each realize just how much you rely upon the opinion and support of one another.
Great time to put all that energy to work.
You know what you need to do and in the coming weeks will have the time to do a thorough job. Don’t wait for inspiration, all you need to do is roll up your sleeves, blank everything else out and create. Financially you are watching your spending and trying to put a bit away for later. You won’t be sorry.
HINT: Time spent with a Virgo is never boring and usually rather interesting and somewhat exasperating. All in all, a fun time so don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting during the middle portion of this week.
Although you are 99% sure you are right, it is that one per cent which will get you in trouble if you are not able to keep an open mind and listen rather than talk. Sometimes you can’t push your ideas across; you have to be subtle…which is not one of your finer characteristics lately. Financially you are moving forward according to your plan and can rest easy.
HINT: By the latter portion of this week you will be inundated with meetings both professional as well as personal and this is the least productive time for you. Don’t procrastinate and delay working on an important project.
Everything is moving forward according to plan although you had hoped that financially things would have improved greatly by now. There is nothing more than you can do at the present, but trust in yourself and wait.
This is a good week for entertaining at home. Everyone wants to be invited, so prepare extra food, just in case. A conversation with a sibling living far away will prove even more special as you begin to make plans to meet soon.
HINT: Friday is the day to take care of personal business.
Money and financial matters are at the top of your list right now as you begin to closely examine your plans for the coming months. There is still time to make a few changes which could have a major impact, but double check and consult your financial expert before making a final decision. Ups and downs at work don’t help as you are looking for stability and balance.
Rather than fight, go with the flow and enjoy the ride. You will be surprised once you get started.
HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are good days for a family get-together.
You need to take a bit of time off to sit quietly and work out some financial matters which need attending to. Even though you remain on top of everything, the situation may have blossomed and is a little out of hand. Money continues to flow, but is it enough? By making a few changes you will be able to get things back on track and continue working toward your goal. The latter portion of this week is a good time for spending with close family and friends.
HINT: The time away from your desk and the warmth received by your loved ones will remind you just why you are working so hard
You are moving forward with your plans and are happy with your choices.
This week you will have the opportunity to make a few changes which will help push things along. Sometimes you have simply been too close to the problem to effectively discover a solution. Financially although things are tight you have the funds you need and don’t have to worry. That being said, you cannot go off on a shopping spree… not just yet!
HINT: A conversation with an older member of your family will help you see things much clearer and will give you the support and confidence you need.
You are finding it rather difficult sitting idly while other people make decisions.
Soon you will have the situation back under control, so in the meantime, stay calm and trust yourself. You have been absolutely correct up till now and should be very proud of yourself. Financially things are as planned and you continue being careful about unnecessary spending. Time spent with your partner and/or mate is the highlight of some of your days and together you make a solid, sensational team.
HINT: Time spent with family is expected and everyone is looking forward to the gathering.
You find it difficult walking away from some of the problems young members of your family are facing, but the truth is that you have done the best you can and the rest is up to them. Trust them and yourself and relax. When speaking to an earth sign listen carefully and enjoy learning something new. You have more in common than you thought and a great friendship is brewing. Financially you need to continue to pay attention to any unnecessary spending and continue to try and save a bit each month.
HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are good days for arranging important meetings.
You are enjoying a pleasant lull in your busy life and this is the time to pamper yourself and do a few things you especially enjoy.
Someone from your past is interested in re-establishing contact and it will be up to you to decide just how involved you are willing to get. Financially all is as stable as possible and for the time being the best you can do is to continue as usual.
HINT: This could be the end of one part of your life and the beginning of something new. Consider all the angles and when the right opportunity arises, reach out and open a dialogue.