Star Catcher Astrology for the week of August 21, 2015

TIP FOR THE WEEK: You’re your time, ask questions, think things through and you will know when the time is right to make your move.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Things are finally moving in the right direction and although you feel a lot more optimistic, you are still debating which path is the right one for you at this time. A conversation with your partner and/or mate will help you enormously to understand the pros and cons facing you, so don’t hesitate to set aside some space for a little brainstorming.
HINT: Financially everything is under control and after the huge expenses from the past couple of months you are now back to putting money into the bank.
Things are definitely moving in the right direction, even though a little setback here and there continues to appear, nothing can shake the feeling of confidence you are experiencing now. Business may be slow at this time, but that will allow you the time you need to work on a special project which you have been mulling around in your mind for quite some time.
HINT: For those of you who are thinking about moving, it may take you a little longer than you anticipated to fine the right place…but don’t give up you will definitely be happy with your choice.
You have enough time left to rectify a mistake or fill in some of the blanks you missed along the way. If you take the time now you won’t have to deal with a bigger problem in the coming months. A conversation with an earth sigh will definitely help you see things from a different angle but don’t be in too much of a hurry to abandon your dreams. Sometimes you need to fly rather than be grounded.
HINT: Better to have a few honest friends than be surrounded by a group of well-wishers who are too busy with their own stories to listen to yours.
Once again you need to take some time off and simply rest. If not, you could either end up making some unnecessary mistakes due to exhaustion, or your immune system could be over-extended leaving you open to some minor health issue which will force you to stay home for a week or two. Professionally you continue to build and grow and sometimes you even surprise yourself.
HINT: Take a moment to contact an elderly member of your family who would love to hear from you. It has been too long since you spent some one-on-one time together.
The time has come for you to party! All your hard work is paying off, the paperwork is almost completed and you will soon have the free time you have been dreaming of for the past few months. Although you continue to avoid any unnecessary spending, you certainly can afford to take a few days and enjoy the sun and swimming pool in a nearby hotel you’ve had your eye on. A conversation with your partner and/or mate will remind you just how much you value this person’s opinion and how well you work together.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect days to put yourself first.
Sometimes you have the feeling that your life is composed of too much work and not enough play. This is the week to do something about that. Make a few phone calls and see if your favorite spa or restaurant has an opening that fits your schedule and make reservations for two! Your partner and/or mate will not only love the surprise, but will appreciate the thought more than anything else. You continue to work hard and in the coming months will make a decision concerning your career. Trust yourself!
HINT: Sunday and Monday are good days for setting up important meetings.
You are so tired that no matter how often you sit down to get some work done, between the heat and the problems focusing you simply can’t seem to move forward. Don’t worry. This time off is exactly what you need in order to let your mind and body rest and it could take a week or two before you are back up ready to forge ahead once again. Accept this break as a gift and let it flow smoothly by.
HINT: Financially things are picking up and thanks to your careful planning over the past few months you have managed to cover expenses over the summer months.
You sometimes have the feeling that for every two steps you take forward, you are forced to take one step back. It isn’t as bad as treading water, but for an active person such as you the delay and waste of time is frustrating and aggravating. Take a closer look and you will see something you missed along the way that needs dealing with now. Time with family and close friends is always invigorating but this week you feel the need for quiet and peace at home.
HINT: Time spent with a Leo may start of rocky, but the longer you are together the more you realize just how much you have in common.
You may find it difficult locating a quiet corner at home this week and if you have some important work to do, you may need to pack up your papers and either go to the library or your favorite coffee shop where the background noise fades the longer you work. Financially you are doing better now than six months ago but continue to hold back from any unnecessary spending. You know what you need and are working out plans for your future.
HINT: A phone call to an elderly member of your family will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. This person is and always will be your number one fan.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Although you find it rather difficult staying focused for long right now you need to isolate yourself in order to get some important paperwork completed. Once you have that off your mind, you will be free to let your thoughts wander to other projects, new and old friends, and some people you left behind. If you are interested in renewing an old friendship it will be up to you to make the first move.
HINT: The first half of this week finds you busy with your partner and/or mate and the more open and honest the discussion, the faster you will work out a solution. Together you make a great team.
A burst of creative energy is just what you have been longing for and this is the time to finish up and old project and start the new one you have been brewing in your mind for so long. You will be delighted at the fun, creativity and intelligence this new project demands, and you are just the person to handle it! Financially you are doing much better these days and are grateful for the careful planning you executed over the past few months.
HINT: When dealing with a younger family member, pay attention and be honest in your response. They really don’t need your input, but isn’t it lovely they asked.
A wave of optimism and self-confidence surrounds you right now and it has been a long time since you put your own needs first. This is definitely your year for shining. So choose carefully, make lists and, no matter what, trust yourself. You are perfect for the job and as time passes more and more people are attracted by your sense of independence, security and joy.
HINT: Pay attention to how you spend your money right now. After weeks of being frugal you may feel the need for some retail therapy. Use cash and when the money runs out…go home!