Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of August 26, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: If you are not completely confident in your choice, then postpone making any important decision…this is NOT the time for relying on your luck!

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
You are overloaded, overworked and running on fumes; which means, that this is the worst time for you to commit yourself to anything new. Instead, use this time carefully to complete other projects and fulfil your obligations to the best of your ability. Financially you may face a setback or two as money promised could be delayed or a hasty purchase could prove to be more expensive than you had planned. HINT: You will take things very seriously and personally right now and you could cause a rift in your relationship with a good friend. Remember, even a cat only has nine lives.
Some unfinished business from your past may turn up over the next few weeks and this time you will not be able to run away from your obligations or postpone dealing with them. Take a little time the first few days of this week to think things through and look for something you might have overlooked in the past. It isn’t too late…do your homework. Financially you are still searching for ways to increase your income and in a few weeks you should begin to feel a let-up of stress. HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for arranging important meetings or social functions.
Meet, greet, but don’t commit to anything just yet.
Not all friendships are meant to last a lifetime. Some bring you joy by entering your life, while others do it leaving. The lessons remain and no matter what you are better for the experience. Financially you may be spending more than you had anticipated, and need to pull back as quickly as possible in order to avoid a very uncomfortable situation in a few weeks. A conversation with an earth sign could leave you more confused than when you began. Walk away; give it time; then try once again. HINT: This weekend will provide a perfect opportunity for you to relax with loved ones.
Work, money, work, family, work. That seems to have been your mantra for so long that you have forgotten that you are a very important person in this equation and shouldn’t shove your name in there somewhere…you should proudly put it at the top of the list and begin doing things which make you personally happy. If you don’t, then who will? Financially things are still a little tight but try not to lose much sleep over it. All will work out sooner than you anticipated. HINT: Just because it feels right, doesn’t mean it is at this time. Cold, hard facts are what you need, not just feelings.
Take a break and pamper yourself. You have been working at a crazy schedule for so long that you are beyond exhausted and, if you don’t want your health to suffer, then back off. Catch up on some sleep and more important you need to simply rest. Everyone is used to you taking care of everything and fixing everything from hurt feelings to financial problems. It isn’t that they take you for granted; they just know you’re their guardian angel.
Well, angel, fluff your wings and lock the door. HINT: Don’t worry about money. All is moving according to plan.
It is true that you may have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but something is still missing. You need to be more challenged professionally and in the months to come will have to make a serious decision concerning your career. Will you give up comfort and financial freedom for something more challenging? When the time comes to make your decision, you will have the answers you need. For now, enjoy what you have.
HINT: The first part of this week is perfect for spending with your partner or mate.
You are enjoying the beak from all the hustle and bustle of the past year that you find yourself protecting your free time vigorously.
Good for you! You deserve this break and need the quiet emotional time to let your mind relax and rest. Financially things are far from where you would like them to be, and this week brings no dramatic change in this corner, but soon all will fall back into place and you will once again be able to relax where money is concerned. HINT: A conversation with an earth sign may turn out to be a little more intrusive than you had anticipated.
You are ready and raring to go as finally you feel the gates are opening and lady luck is shining right at you! That is true, but use this time for working on past projects rather than get involved with anything new and complicated. On the one hand, it probably won’t develop into anything concrete, and on the other hand there is something missing that you haven’t yet discovered. If you must move forward, than read the fine print carefully and get a second and even third opinion. HINT: Faraway places are calling you.
You have the opportunity this week to do something special for an older member of your family who doesn’t know how to accept a gift or a compliment. Rather than flowers or presents, they appreciate honor and respect and above all enjoy a hearty conversation. Put some time aside and watch this person mellow by the attention. HINT: Financially all is well and you have the funds and time to pamper yourself but not right now. In a month or so, things will be far more settled and that is a better time for taking off and checking another item off your bucket list.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Back off…think twice…count to ten before you speak and perhaps you can avoid a clash with an important member of your family. You need to think things through and get to the bottom of the situation rather than flit from one point to another if you wish to smooth things over. Financially you are well aware of your situation, but can’t seem to resist buying a little something here and another something there. If you don’t have the cash in your pocket then window shop! HINT: Friday and Saturday are perfect days for taking care of personal business.
Lately you have been using your spare time to do what makes you personally happy and that is wonderful. You have also managed to maintain a close connection with family and friends, albeit while guarding your personal space. This will quickly change as you get back into your old schedule. But, for now you still have a little time to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. Financially things could be better, but you are watching your situation carefully and are very aware of how things stand. HINT: People living far away are sorely missed and soon you begin saving for a trip.
Money and finances are accented now and there are no shortcuts or easy paths to take. Watch your spending, put as much aside as you can, and know that things are going to improve soon. This week you may discover that it’s rather difficult concentrating or focusing for long periods of time. Don’t force the issue. Instead let your mind wander and wait for that spark of genius to appear. It will…trust yourself. HINT: When dealing with a Virgo remember that this person is set in their ways and finds it very difficult to stray from the path they have chosen, even though they know it makes you crazy sometimes.