Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of January 23, 2015

TIP FOR THE WEEK: If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! This is the week for planning and examining rather than for making any major decisions.
You have enough time to study the opportunities available to you, so relax and move slowly.
In the weeks to come you will feel a lot more secure and organized. Money seems to slip through your fingers right now and for the next few days you need to cut back on your spending.
You are determined to succeed and continue to build a strong and solid foundation from which it will be easy to advance when you are ready.
HINT: Time spent with close friends on Wednesday will be a wonderful way to end the week.
You have a great deal of energy this week and now is the time for tying off loose ends and beginning a new and exciting project.
A conversation with another water sign will spark an idea for collaborating on a venture which is near to both your hearts. Together you can produce something special.
Dealing with elderly members of your family may not be easy, but it is extremely rewarding, so try to find some quiet time to share together.
HINT: You are very aware of your finances and can afford to relax a bit and pamper yourself a little
It isn’t always easy to walk away from the past and leave your insecurities behind, but this is the week for facing the future with determination and a great deal of confidence.
You are the right person in the right place at the right time.
Projects which you have already considered or have begun to work on are not a problem, however try to avoid anything new for the next few weeks. Along the way you will discover the flaws and pitfalls. Better to be safe than sorry.
HINT: Pay attention to finances on Monday and Tuesday. This includes keeping track of your wallet and credit cards.
You love to surround yourself with familiar things, good friends and delicious food. In other words, this is the week to invite everyone over for a party! Forget the diet; splurge a little and pamper yourself. You deserve it. You have earned it. Enjoy and don’t feel guilty! This is not the time for making any decisions concerning your career. There are too many pieces of the puzzle missing, so take a step back and think about what you want and need professionally.
HINT: Time spent with an Aquarius is becoming special as a deep friendship forms.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
A great deal of energy and emotion are centered around your career right now and for the time being you will be best served by taking a step back and observing rather than taking an active and dominant role.
As the weeks progress you will gain information as well as confidence and that is when you can speak up.
Not everyone at work understands your ideas and motivation but after so long, you know that eventually they will catch up and you will be back on the same page once again.
HINT: A conversation with another air sign will be invigorating but may not produce anything concrete at the moment.
This is the week for depending on your own resources rather than relying on anyone else. For some time you have been working hard to maintain a financial balance which gives you both security and some extra cash in case you need it. Time spent with your partner and/or mate will be much more pleasant this week as together you make plans for the coming months. Over the years you have both mellowed and are willing to be flexible in order to accommodate each other.
HINT: The beginning of this week is a good time for working on a project which will enhance your career.
Due to a slight breakdown in communication between yourself and your partner and/or mate you may learn that you need to take a step back and wait for a more auspicious occasion when they are more receptive to listening to your ideas. It won’t take long before you are back working in tandem once again. Financially you have the funds you need to make a major purchase but the time is not right at the moment. By the second week in February, if you still feel the same, then go ahead with your plans.
HINT: Not a perfect time for making split-second decisions. Slow and slower is best this week.
You have made a decision and now you need to live with the consequences as you were not the only person to be affected by your actions. Rather than get upset remember that every time you point a finger at someone else, three more are pointing right back at you. Once you have accepted the responsibility you can begin to mend fences.
HINT: Financially you are always aware of your situation, but lately you have had the feeling that you are not as much in control as you would like to be. Whatever you decide, this is not the week for spending large sums of money!
After working long hard hours nearly around the clock, the time has come for you to take a step back in order to rest and recharge. If not, your health could be compromised and that would be a pity. A couple of days eating properly and getting enough sleep will make all the difference.
This is a good week for cutting back on any spending and for trying, once again, to put some money aside for a trip in the near future.
HINT: When dealing with a fire sign, just let them rant. Sometimes they need to clear their lungs and hear their own voices.
When in doubt, pay attention to your intuition as these days people are saying a great many things but few of their words are worth listening to. It will be up to you to sift through the verbiage and decide what is important and what you are going to do about it. In the meantime enjoy time with good friends and family who you can always trust to have your best interest at heart.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for working closely with your partner and/or mate on a project which needs careful planning and attention to detail.
Take your time while travelling this week and if you are overly tired than wait before going out on the highway. You have so much on your mind these days and although you continue to work hard, there are still some things over which you have no control. Rather than get upset, walk away. In the weeks to come all will fall into place without you having to get involved.
HINT: A conversation with a partner and/or mate may not bring the results you wish but as you have faith in this person, you trust that eventually they will be able to see the big picture and act accordingly.
Money and financial matters become more important as you are making plans for a rather large expenditure in the coming months. Don’t worry. When the time comes you will have the money you need. Professionally you continue to make your mark. Not only do you have a great deal of experience, but you are always ready to share ideas and brainstorm with your colleagues.
HINT: This is a good week for spending some one-on-one time with a special person in your life. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it together.