Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of July 29, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: If it sounds or looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Your lack of control plus all the social and professional functions you have been attending have wreaked havoc with your diet and this is the week to rectify the situation. Stop feeling guilty and remember that round is also a shape. More veggies… less carbs and you will be just fine! Financially you are getting close to your limit but you continue to watch the situation carefully. This week your thoughts turn to much more practical things which will definitely help you to get back on track. HINT: A surge of creativity is expected this week so clear your desk and get ready.
Your thoughts turn to your own needs this week and for once you should really relax concerning finances and enjoy yourself. Always ready to help your family you have been rather negligent at pampering yourself. This is the week! Time spent with close friends is always a joy but nothing compares with the time you are together with your family. Problems with a sibling cannot be avoided, however, try not to doubt yourself. Everyone close to you knows how honest and true you really are. HINT: This is a perfect week for relaxing with your partner or mate. The more open you are, the closer you become.
Things are definitely moving in the right direction and you feel much more confident these days. Take a little time off this week in order to simply relax and let your mind work out the details. Always first to lend a helping hand, your reputation for being wise as well as fair has helped you to amass an interesting and varied group of close friends and colleagues. Your partner or mate continues to rely on you and appreciates your ability to drop everything in order to be there for them. HINT: Financially things are still not where you would like them to be, but you are on the right path.
Your energy turns to money and financial matters this week as finally you are ready to make your move. You have done your homework, asked the right questions and the time is right. A conversation with an earth sign will be of great value, so arrange a meeting and listen carefully. If necessary take notes. Be patient with a fire sign as things might get off to a rocky start but once you settle into an understanding you will make a fabulous team! HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for business, so try to arrange important meetings then.
You have had the feeling for quite some time that you are continuously walking uphill and wonder how much longer you will have the strength to get to the top. This week you will feel far more energetic and optimistic. When dealing with a Capricorn be patient. This person has a great deal of experience and important information to share if you are willing. Financially, slowly but surely, you are moving along. Don’t doubt yourself. Not everything is under your control just yet. HINT: Time spent with your family will help you put some perspective back into your life so try to get home early this week.
Your thoughts turn to the past and rather than dwell on what was or what could have been, rejoice in what is and what has been accomplished! You have done so much growing and have been a beacon of light to so many for so long that you have forgotten just how bright your star really is! Don’t get discouraged and lose your belief in yourself. Good things are on the way so relax and trust. Financially all is under control and things are definitely moving forward. HINT: Time spent with an elderly member of your family will put a smile back into your heart.
Although you haven’t fulfilled all your goals as you had hoped, you are definitely on the right track. Sometimes it is more important to know what you don’t want and like than to be content. Within the next few months you will make a decision, so trust yourself. Everyone else does! Financially all is under control and you can relax and pamper yourself and your partner or mate as much as you want this week. HINT: Your relationship with a Leo continues to be pleasant and the more time you spend together the more you realize what a good friend this person really is.
You have pushed yourself financially as much as you can and this week you really need to pull back and regroup. It isn’t that you have been extravagant, simply that unexpected expenses have cropped up which needed immediate attention and could not be postponed to a better time. The good news is that you are well aware of the situation and are doing your utmost to stay on track. This is a wonderful week for working on any project that demands creativity and attention to detail. Actually you will enjoy the fine work involved. HINT: The latter part of this week try to give your partner or mate a little space.
You don’t seem to have the patience you used to and little things irritate you right now. Take a step back before you ruin a longterm relationship. If after a few days you still feel the same, then make your decision and be at peace with it. Financially you are still trying to put money aside and soon you will have the funds you need to either take a lengthy vacation or make that purchase you have been longing for. HINT: When dealing with a Sagittarius, try to remember the pressure this person is under and by the latter portion of this week you will be amazed at how well you work together.
Things are moving along smoothly and although you can’t complain, you are a tad bored by it all and feel something is missing. Take your time and once you have decided what is wrong you will have not only the information you need, but will know in what direction you should go…if at all. Change is never easy but you are the last person to act in haste. Trust yourself. Fiscally all is well and you are in a much stronger position than you were even six months ago. HINT: Good week for relaxing at home with your partner or mate.
Change is on the way and the best thing you can do is go with the flow and wait until you are back on solid ground. Actually you will enjoy this period of new adventure and excitement. All will work out even better than you had planned. Your thoughts turn to your home and family and the time is right for making a few purchases you have been thinking about or even some minor renovations. You may not have all the money you need but you will be able to work that out. HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are interesting days and days for listening rather than speaking.
For the past weeks you have been watching your financial situation very carefully as you are concerned about money, and rightfully so. You continue to watch and have cut back as much as possible. Don’t worry you will manage just fine. Your thoughts turn to family living close and those who live far away. For the moment you can’t do much to close the gap in space but in the coming months you will have more financial leeway. HINT: This is a wonderful week for taking some time off to write your novel, create a fabulous garden or build a stairway to the stars. The sky is your limit!