Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of July 31, 2015

Tip for the week: The time is right to move forward with confidence and determination.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
A change in attitude will have you rethinking about the way people see you.
You are usually confident in your appearance and know by the reaction you receive that you are an honored and welcome member of any group you belong to. But this week it is time for you to do something about how you feel inside… it is time to begin ‘the diet’! However, do not rush to sign up for a year at the pool or the gym. Your maximum should be three months.
After that, if you are still going, then you can check out your options.
HINT: Great week to begin that project you have been dreaming about.
Even though you may feel a certain amount of urgency in your life right now, the truth is that until you can figure out exactly what it is that is bothering you, you are best served by letting it go.
When you least expect it you will get the answers you are searching for, so relax. The time has come for you to tell your partner and/or mate just how much you appreciate all they do for you. You are quick to complain but slower than a sloth when it comes to handing out a compliment. HINT: Just because you think you are right, doesn’t actually mean you are.
Great week for pulling back and catching up on some much needed rest.
Of course you continue to worry about your finances and things are slow now that the summer months are here. As the weeks progress all will fall into place and you will be back on target once again. That special person in your life continues to support you as well as give you wonderful advice. Great week for brainstorming. HINT: Not all friendships are intended to last forever and you may find yourself sifting through your list of friends and eliminating one or two.
Although this is definitely not the time for a career change, it is, however, a good week to begin refocusing on what you want and how you are going to achieve your goals. You are so close…don’t give up now! With a little bit of soul searching you will be able to uncover one or two things you would like to change. You have the time and the power, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter every day. When in doubt trust your intuition and you won’t err. HINT: Time spent with a Leo will recharge your batteries, so arrange a meeting as soon as possible.
This may be the perfect time for you to eke out a pocket of space in order to register for a course or two you have been wanting for some time. Your busy schedule has invaded even your family time and enough is enough. You are a person too and need to re-evaluate where you wish to be a year from now.
And, even more important, remember that you cannot do everything yourself. Gather your team, keep them close and parcel out the work.
Who knows, you may even be able to take a little trip with your family along the way! HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are your most creative days this week.
Try to remain focused and wait until you are quite certain of what you want, before you waste your time and everyone else’s. The easiest way to reach your goal is to tackle one thing at a time. You will be amazed at how quickly you rush through your list that way. Don’t hesitate to ask your partner and/or mate to help. This person has your best interest at heart and sees things you often overlook. Tired of all those meetings and social functions, you prefer to remain at home right now. HINT: Thursday is a good day for spending time with young people.
Overworked, you may discover that you have little patience this week to deal with your partner and/or mate.
Take a step back before you say anything you may regret.
Over the weekend try to get out of the house and do something you both enjoy. Later you will still have time to work on a project that is coming due. Your relationship with a sibling remains strong even though you haven’t had much time lately to get together. Remember that the glass is half full and stop worrying about the second half.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for getting things done.
You are spending a great deal of time and energy dealing with family business, but no one else can handle the situation.
By the end of this week you will have more free time and that is when you can take care of personal business and even begin to pamper yourself a bit. Financially, you are well aware of your situation and although your bank balance is not yet where you would like it to be, you are still doing fine.
HINT: You may begin to feel overwhelmed as you continue dealing with the minutia of everyday life.
Once you set your mind to something you will be amazed at how quickly you begin to move forward.
As much as you would love to push forward with your plans, someone or something is holding you back. Rather than get upset, use this hiatus to take stock of your situation. Try and look at the big picture in order to see what you may have overlooked. There is time to make a few minor changes which might be just what you need to get back on track again. Before committing yourself either verbally or in writing, read the fine print and ask a few pertinent questions. HINT: Sometime during the week, invite a Cancer over for an evening of fine talk, good food and wonderful company
You may find it difficult to relax at home as the pressure of a certain project keeps you from enjoying yourself.
Rather than get upset, put everything else aside and get to work. You may discover that the early hours before you leave the house are your most productive, so get up and turn on your computer.
HINT: The upcoming weeks provide a good opportunity for you to rectify a mistake or a misunderstanding that occurred simply because you weren’t paying attention. A quick phone call or email inviting this person for coffee will put things right once more.
The best you can do right now is cut back and slow down. The summer months provide you with the opportunity to do just that so relax. This week try to avoid a conflict with someone you come into contact with daily. This could be a family member, a friend or even a neighbor. You are never at a loss for words, so simply announce that you need a little personal space right now. Financially you are always concerned, but relax. You are doing the best you can and soon all will settle down once again. HINT: Learn from the past and head out into the future.
You need to take a close look at your financial situation, and if necessary, cut back at least until the summer is over.
Necessary expenses cannot be avoided, but everything else can be evaluated according to need. The last couple of days of this week are good for arranging meetings or social functions, or…if you prefer to stay home, then postpone and reschedule. Your own needs must be taken into account for a change. HINT: Sunday and Monday you feel most comfortable and time spent with another water sign will be enjoyable and compatible. Just what you need.