Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of July 8, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Use your energy wisely and, wherever possible, pace yourself.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Although you are aware of your financial situation, you can’t seem to keep your wallet safely tucked inside your purse or pocket. There is always a reason to splurge, but soon the bills will have to be paid. It is like eating a piece of chocolate cake: It tastes wonderful going down, but the next day the scale becomes your enemy. That said, this continues to be a very productive time where you are creative, funny, intelligent and the life of the party.
HINT: The beginning of this week is a good time for finally throwing out some of that stuff you thought you couldn’t live without.
Your thoughts turn toward your own needs and goals, and finally you are able to enjoy some quiet emotional space whereby you can create and produce some of your finest work. Wednesday you will feel a surge of ideas, and it is best not to rely solely on your memory…take good notes. Financially your situation is always at the back of your mind, but sometimes you forget and go on wild gift buying for people you especially care about. Never mind, things will settle down shortly.
HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are days for entertaining at home rather than meeting in the city.
You have a great deal on your mind and feel a level of frustration as those around you continue to ignore your warnings and go on doing what they think is best. Take a short breather and relax. You made your own mistakes and must allow them to make theirs. The important thing is to be there if things don’t work out as they had hoped. And you can think it, but don’t tell them ‘I told you so!’
HINT: Financially a problem involving a sibling will eventually be sorted out, but it will take a toll on your relationship.
You seem to be sailing along enjoying your time with family and friends, but under it all you are very aware that time is passing and you need to make some important decisions concerning your work and career. A discussion with your partner or mate will help you to get organized, so don’t hesitate to initiate a conversation. Financially it will take a bit more time until you are in a position to make some major purchases. Be prepared for an unexpected bill you forgot about.
HINT: Time spent in the company of a water sign will be refreshing, interesting and actually fun.
You are loaded with energy and need to find an outlet soon, as it is a pity that all that good momentum will go to waste. Once you are organized, you will enjoy creating and producing at a feverish pace. Clear the decks – you are on a roll! Financially all is under control, and you are anxious for the days when you can relax and stop worrying about bills. This week is a perfect time for arranging important business meetings. The contacts you make now will bear fruit in the coming months.
HINT: Vacation time with the family will help you to relax and get your bearings back.
Work and more work have been your mantra for so long that both you and your family are longing for the good old days when you came home early still energetic enough to stay awake and enjoy some quiet time with your loved ones. This week you will have the chance to walk away from your desk and forget about the business, the bank and the bills. You have done an amazing job, so take the time to enjoy the fruit of all your labors.
HINT: Your relationship with a Virgo is never boring, as you see things so differently. But together you are a team to be reckoned with!
You are simply tired and need some quiet time away from the crowds, the family and even your partner or mate for a couple of days. Always ready to reach out and lend a helping hand, you simply want to do nothing and remember when you could stay up all night, wake up when you felt like it and eat pizza for breakfast.
Take a break. You will discover that within a day or two you are anxious to get back to the hectic pace that has become your life. Financially all is under control, so stop worrying.
HINT: A conversation with an elder member of your family will warm your heart and feed your soul.
AQUARIUS (AIR) JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18 Don’t second-guess your decision. You did your homework, you thought it out, and you know you were right. Now give yourself some time to enjoy and learn. In the months to come, you may make a further decision. You are not running around in circles. You are stepping higher up the ladder! Financially all is well, and you can afford to pamper yourself and someone special in your life. Soon your life will become hectic once again, so take a step back now to recharge and relax.
HINT: This is a good time to take a short trip with your partner or mate.
You may have the feeling that you are treading water but you are definitely moving forward, just at a much slower pace than you had anticipated. You definitely need to take a break and find a quiet corner where you can take care of your own needs and rest and do nothing if that is what you want. Unfortunately, family and professional obligations continue to eat up most of your day. Soon all will settle down, and that is when you need to make a decision.
HINT: Financially you are a bit stressed, as unexpected expenses have eaten a hole in your savings.
Rather than move smoothly along, you seem to be forging ahead then slamming on the brakes! Great for your adrenaline but exhausting and a bit frightening to those in the back seat! You have enough time, energy, resources and ability to see your dream become a reality. Relax and enjoy the journey. Before signing any important papers and documents, get a second opinion by an expert you trust. There may be a hidden clause you have overlooked.
HINT: Financially you are in control of the situation and building a small but important nest egg.
You are bored. Busy but bored and need to find something exciting and challenging. Once you take a step back, you will realize that boring is better and even pleasant. The good news is that financially you are on target, and soon you will have the time and energy to re-examine your position and make some fresh decisions. Don’t forget that you are in the driver’s seat this time and have much more control.
HINT: Time spent with your partner or mate is fabulous; this is a perfect time for getting away for a few days. Not necessarily far away, but far enough so that it is a vacation.
When in doubt, sit down with your partner or mate. You are full of ideas and flit from one to another, while he/she is the solid one who can see the benefits, the flaws and the work needed in order to create and complete the project. Money is rather tight right now, so be careful before making any major commitment. Your relationship with a sibling becomes much more pleasant toward the end of this week, so delay a meeting until that time to ensure that it will be successful.
HINT: This weekend is the time for retreating into your home and shutting out the rest of the world. The time off is exactly what you need in order to think as well as rest.