Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of June 23, 2017

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Things are falling into place – trust yourself and be confident.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! You feel energetic and raring to go right now, and this is definitely your week to shine. Projects you are working on will surge ahead as your creative juices continue working overtime. You will enjoy the process as well as the final results. This could be your best week so far. Financially you are keeping close tabs on your bank balance and although things could be better, they are far from as bad as you feared. You enjoy staying home this week, reading, relaxing and enjoying the company of family and close friends. HINT: Time spent with an earth sign will be relaxing.
Before you let your mind wander too far into the past, take care of business and remember you aren’t that person any more. Now you are much more experienced, more confident and more in control. However, it is always good to take a look at the old you and see just how far you have come. Financially you are cutting back on your spending in order to catch up and get ahead as quickly as possible. Your relationship with a Taurus is lovely and will have a positive effect on your attitude concerning career choices. HINT: You have the opportunity to take a step back and cut down on some of work hours you have been putting in.
You can finally sit back and enjoy the fruit of all your hard work. Not only do you have the feeling of satisfaction on a job well done, but those closest to you realize your efforts and are standing in line to congratulate you. This time, by sticking to what you believe in you may have made someone dear to you have a better future. Financially all continues to move in the right direction and you have nothing to worry about. Wednesday and Thursday are good days for taking care of personal business and perhaps spending some quality time with your partner or mate. HINT: Your energy level isn’t as high as it usually is this week, so pace yourself.
Financially things are looking up and you are feeling much more confident and in control. So much has happened over the past few months and together with your partner or mate you are building a strong bond that is both nourishing and satisfying. For too long you have put everyone else’s needs above your own and now you have someone who puts your needs first! This is a perfect week for moving forward with plans – get estimates and be prepared to outline your vision with the people involved. HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for arranging important meetings as well as planning for an upcoming trip.
Trust your feelings and you won’t go wrong. So many people are happy to bask in your limelight, but not everyone who smiles in your direction has your best interests at heart. You won’t be fooled and over the course of the next few weeks will make certain decisions concerning who you want to keep within your inner sanctum. A discussion with your partner or mate will help you to see things from a different angle, and you will come up with a plan that is perfect for you both. HINT: Financially you feel rather stressed right now but by the end of the week things should definitely ease up.
You have learned so much over the past few months, and although the journey wasn’t always pleasant, the knowledge you gained is priceless. This is the week for converting your thoughts into action. Get the advice of experts. Check your options… yes, you do have them, and then start to work out a plan. Your partner or mate continues standing by your side and together you will overcome any problems you might face along the way with grace and confidence. HINT: Financially you are well aware of what is going on and continue working hard to reach your goals.
Little setbacks along the way can be annoying, but nothing you can’t handle. You have your feet planted firmly on the ground and are prepared to work hard in order to reach your goals… and they are getting closer every day. Financially there are no major surprises now as you continue to watch your bank balance and keep things under control. The beginning of this week is a perfect time for relaxing with your partner or mate and a close family member who you both enjoy spending time with. HINT: Don’t push yourself too hard right now; this is a lazy week and should be enjoyed.
This is the week to roll up your sleeves, tackle new projects and get the job done. You enjoy being busy and are happy to get back in the groove. Financially all is as expected – no surprises on the horizon, so relax and splurge a little. A conversation with an older member of your family will warm your heart and remind you just how special your relationship is. The middle of this week provides a perfect opportunity to strengthen old friendships as well as make new ones. HINT: You continue to look toward the future and are ready to put your plans into action.
You are a very good friend and are surrounded by good friends and family alike. Take some time this week to relax and enjoy meeting with the people you like. Rather than entertain at home, go to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop where you can be a guest rather than a host, for a change. Financially things are not nearly as difficult as you imagined, and you even have some money left over to pamper yourself and make a few purchases you have been thinking about. HINT: Career-wise you have some ideas that you are anxious to try out, and there is no time like the present!
It has been far too long since you have made a trip to visit some old, dear friends and family, and this is the week to make some serious plans. You have the money and the time, so what are you waiting for? This is a very good week for meeting a Cancer to discuss plans and let the ideas and energy flow. Fire and water work well this week and will do you both a world of good. Financially you may have to curb some unnecessary spending in order to stay within your budget, but nothing you can’t handle. HINT: Monday and Tuesday you are at your creative best this week.
Things are definitely moving in the right direction and you feel much more in control now. This is the time for pushing forward with plans and ideas you have been thinking about for quite some time. A discussion with your partner or mate will help solidify some minor details. Time spent with a parent you are close to will be productive as you solidify plans for a short trip together in the future. Financially all is under control even though you have put out a bit more cash than you had expected. HINT: Try to find some quiet time during the middle portion of this week to relax.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
So much is happening right now and you are hard pressed to eke out some space for yourself. The more organized you are right now, the better, and once your plans are solidified things will definitely ease up. Financially you are not concerned right now but need to keep a close eye on the situation. Although your relationship with a sibling leaves much to be desired, the lines of communication between you are open and you can’t ask for more right now. HINT: You may feel a bit sensitive this week, and find that you are more of a lover than a fighter right now.