Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of May 1, 2015

Tip for the week: Wonderful week for all forms of communication.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Ideas continue to pop in and out of your mind and you have had the feeling for some time now that you need a new plan of action… a plan which will give you more time for development and creativity. Your need for financial security is stronger than ever right now and you are willing to put in extra hours in order to get things done properly and to your own brand of perfection. People are attracted to you and feel safe working closely with you. Sunday and Monday are good days for getting away for a bit.
Your thoughts turn to money and financial matters this week. Although your first inclination is to simply skim the surface, this is a good week for setting some time aside to discuss your finances with an expert you trust. Of course, any final decision will be yours.
Time spent with another earth sign is becoming extremely pleasant as your relationship gets stronger and even more special. HINT: Great week for entertaining at home as you enjoy the preparation as well as the camaraderie of sitting around your table with good friends for an evening of good food and good conversation.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
You feel much more comfortable this week and rather than keeping your thoughts to yourself, you find it very easy to discuss your feelings and plans with a select group of trusted friends. Tuesday and Wednesday you may find that you prefer being alone where you can reflect upon your past and evaluate both your successes as well as your failures. HINT: Be patient with your partner and/or mate and listen carefully to what they are saying.
Although you wish to fly they are the anchor which keeps you grounded and on track.
Great week for all forms of research and seeking answers to some of the questions you have been looking for.
You have a solid support system of friends and together you form a solid group of people who care and share. This week you will have the opportunity to do something special for one of them. Financially you are rather stressed as unexpected expenses have made a hole in your savings.
Over the coming weeks and months you will be able to get back on solid ground once again, so don’t worry.
HINT: You have been needy and needed…needed is better.
You intuitively know exactly the right thing to say these days and are as good a listener as you are a talker.
People turn to you for advice and your list of friends continues to grow. It will be up to you to decide whom you wish to include in your inner circle and who will remain merely acquaintances.
Financially you need to keep an eye on your bank balance and for the next few weeks rely on ready cash rather than on plastic. HINT: Professionally you continue working hard and the weekends continue to be your only time you have to relax and unwind.
You are always the first person to lend a helping hand and although you continue to be rather critical and brutally honest, those closest to you have learned to see past your rough exterior and appreciate the special person you really are. That being said, you need to be a little gentler when dealing with a water sign. This person has very thin skin and finds it upsetting when being faced with a blast of your point of view. Financially things are balancing out and soon you will back to normal where money is concerned. HINT: Wednesday afternoon and Thursday are perfect days for working on a project which demands careful attention to detail plus a great deal of creativity.
This is a perfect week for you to take a step back and retreat from the world for a few days. You are running on fumes and seriously need to catch up on some quiet time. A conversation with another air sign will help you to see things clearer so make arrangements to meet as soon as possible. Financially things are rather tough right now but not nearly as bad as you had feared. HINT: Your relationship with a family member who lives far away is as strong as ever and this is a good time to make plans to meet either here or there.
This is a perfect time for you to do some financial planning. The more you develop your strategy, the easier it will be for you to move forward. A conversation with an air sign will turn out to be a little more complicated than you had anticipated, but trust your intuition and believe in yourself.
The middle of this week is a good time for working with your partner and/or mate. Time spent together now will be even more pleasant than usual. HINT: Pay attention to where you leave your wallet and keys on Tuesday and Wednesday.
For far too long you have been working overtime and worrying about finances.
This is the week to take a step back and remember that the glass is half full. It is true that you have not yet achieved all your goals, but you are much further ahead than you had imagined. So relax and be proud of yourself. Everyone else is. Always fair, you are well respected and admired both professionally as well as personally and your list of important contacts continues to blossom. HINT: Generous to a fault, you may have to cut back a bit for the next couple of weeks.
Soon you will have more time to socialize, but you need to tie off some loose ends first. Your work load has not increased but your tolerance and patience have waned after months of long hours and responsibility both at home and on the job. In the weeks to come you will find pockets of free time and if you use them carefully you will be able to recharge and find the energy you need for the final push.
Time spent with a special person makes all the hard work worthwhile.
HINT: You don’t have to take the advice of an older member of your family but you do have to listen.
You have a strong need these days for intellectual stimulation and enjoy the company of bright, creative people both in your professional as well as personal life.
You have worked extremely hard to get where you are today but this is only one step on your road to success.
Be patient and take your time.
Financially you are not satisfied with your situation even though you do manage quiet well to stay within your budget. A conversation with an air sign will bring surprisingly pleasant results. HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days to arrange important meetings.
You have worked very hard over the past few months and slowly but surely you are beginning to feel that not only was it well worth the effort, but that the results are far more than you had anticipated.
Don’t rush to make a decision.
Over the next weeks you will learn more and discover not only what you do want but what you are not willing to accept under any circumstances. When dealing with an elderly member of your family, try to be a little more patient.
HINT: This is a good week to start a diet or join a gym…enough talking and more doing!
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Wonderful week for all forms of communication.