Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of November 13, 2015

TIP FOR THE WEEK: You may need a little more time before finalizing a decision.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Your intuition is high right now and this is the time to take care of personal business. You know who your friends are and who are simply hanging on waiting to be invited into your inner circle.
The time is nearing when you will begin separating the wheat from the chaff. Financially you continue to watch your situation carefully and are doing everything possible to add more income. Your best friend and partner is ready to make a move which will bring you even closer. The time is right.
HINT: Your most creative time this week is on Thursday afternoon.
You intuitively understand members of both sexes right now making this week a perfect time for arranging important professional meetings. People listen to you and you can easily get your ideas across as well as gather support for future projects.
You may have difficulty relegating work to others as you feel the need to be ‘hands on’ as each stage is developed. The down side is that there are simply not enough hours in each day or days of this week for you to do it all on your own.
HINT: Financially your grand plan is progressing slowly but surely whereas your immediate cash flow may be rather thin right now.
Be patient and don’t worry. All will be well. It may take a little more time than you had originally anticipated for your goal to be reached, but it will come to pass and will be more glorious than you had imagined…so be patient! Your relationship with your partner/and or mate continues to grow as together you work through a couple of sensitive moments. Financially you are managing well and even have some money left over for a few extras you have wanted.
HINT: A conversation with a female relative will warm your heart.
Things are moving according to plan and soon your ideas will be known to one and all. You have done your homework, checked out all your options and are ready to make your move. Time spent with your partner and/or mate continues to solidify your relationship as you are both sensitive to each other’s needs as well as understand the space required whenever necessary. Financially you are organized and know approximately how much you will need for each stage in your coming plans.
HINT: An evening out with some old friends will be just what you need this week.
When in doubt, take a step back and let your mind wander. In a short period of time you will discover that you have more options than you originally imagined and that your goal is definitely attainable. You have the creative power, the intellect as well as the quiet emotional space needed to complete a project which is very important to you personally. Financially you are not quite at the goal you set for yourself, but you are definitely on your way.
HINT: Your relationship with an air sign is compelling and this is a good week for arranging a meeting.
You have an excess of energy but don’t seem to be moving forward. Take a step back this week in order to rethink your plans. You may find that you have done your part well but are now forced to wait for others to catch up. In the meantime use this period to catch up on some things that need your attention at home. Financially things are what you expected them to be…no surprises. In the months to come you will be able to make a purchase or two which has been at the top of your list for quite some time.
HINT: Before sharing your thoughts with another fire sign, consider carefully if this person is really a friend.
Great week for discussing plans with your partner and/or mate and for enjoying some quiet time together. Although you see things from a different perspective, you definitely are on the same page and as you each add your thoughts a rainbow of opportunity arises. Tuesday and Wednesday you will have a load of work and may have to adjust your diary in order to accommodate the extra time you need to put in.
HINT: Financially you continue watching your spending but don’t worry as your family is always standing in the wings ready to pick up the slack if and when necessary.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
This week you may have to rely on your partner and/or mate more than usual as your thoughts jump from one idea to another and you need to bounce your ideas off someone you trust. This person has the strength and energy necessary to settle you down sufficiently in order to think calmly. This is a good weekend for entertaining at home and enjoying the camaraderie of family and a few very close friends.
HINT: Financially your situation always could use a little more cash, but you are being a lot more wary and careful of unnecessary spending.
You may find it difficult relaxing and settling down right now but have the tools and experience necessary to deal with all that nervous energy. Once you focus you will be able to accomplish a lot more than you had imagined so don’t lose faith in yourself and remember that the glass is always half full. When in doubt trust your intuition and don’t berate yourself for having a few misgivings here and there. Time spent with young people will bring a smile and balance back into your days.
HINT: Great week for working on a project that highlights your creativity.
Rather than rush about, this is the week for spending more time at home, quietly recharging your batteries and enjoying some quiet time with the family. For far too long you have been busy taking care of everyone and worrying about those you love. You have done what you can so take a little time off for yourself now.
Financially you are in a much stronger position now but need to be careful of unnecessary spending. If you don’t need it then window shop instead!
HINT: A conversation with a sibling will remind you just how special your relationship is and how much you have in common.
The time has come for you to begin taking a little more care of yourself and worrying less about everyone else. You hate to admit that you are not as young as you used to be and refuse to call in the experts instead of doing everything yourself. This is a good week for sitting down with your partner and/or mate and saying how much you appreciate them and thank them for putting up with your short temper over the past couple of weeks.
HINT: Financially you are not satisfied with the situation but for now there is little you can do to move things forward.
Always fair, you try to see all sides of a situation and sometimes end up not knowing what to choose. This lack of decisiveness may cause others to think you are not capable of making a decision. The opposite is true. When you wish to make a move you will do so without a moment’s hesitation. That is what the past few months have been like. Now you can sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of all your labors. Financially you have not reached your goal, but are making headway.
HINT: Be patient with a fire sign. This person is simply swamped at work and needs a little more time.