Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of September 2, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Green light for working on old projects, yellow and red light for starting anything brand new.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
You have so much on your mind these days that you may find it difficult to unwind and sleep peacefully. Rather than keeping everything bottled up inside, find a quiet time do have an honest discussion with your partner or mate. The important word is ‘discussion’ and not lecture. Listen and absorb. Financially all is moving in the right direction and soon you will be free to expand and relax where money is concerned. HINT: Think twice before volunteering to help a good friend or a family member. It may cause problems down the line.
You are beginning to feel much more secure these days and although the time is not right for forging ahead with new projects, this is a perfect week for reviewing your summer and planning for the fall.
Your partner or mate is just the person you need to bounce ideas off as this person not only has your back but somehow always manages to fill in the missing pieces. Financially things are moving but far from where you wish to be. HINT: Saturday and Sunday are perfect days for pampering yourself and either buying something you have wanted for some time, or for taking a mini vacation to a place you like nearby.
You seem to be stuck between where you are and where you want to be. For the time being, enjoy the little things while planning your next move. A conversation with an earth sign will help you see things in a different light, but just because this person speaks with authority, does not mean that they are one hundred per cent right. Trust your intuition. HINT: Toward the latter part of this week you may feel stressed financially, so plan accordingly.
You have definitely moved closer to your goals but it isn’t yet time to run to the finish line.
Money, business and family continues to be the three balls you constantly try to juggle and you are not only getting tired, but are ready to get off the treadmill. Stop! The most important person in your life is you! And, actually there is little hope of success if you continue at this ridiculous pace. This is the week for walking away, sleeping in, reading a good book, enjoying time with your family. HINT: Finances and money are still uppermost on your check list, but you are aware of the situation and will shortly find the answer you have been searching for.
Setbacks and breakthroughs have kept you rather off-balance over the past few months, however, the lessons you have learned were well worth the angst. Today you are stronger, wiser and much more in control than you were. In the weeks to come you will be much more organized and relaxed. Financially all is under control and you even have a bit left over to spend foolishly, for a change. HINT: A conversation with your partner or mate will prove just how strong the connection is and together you are definitely a force to be reckoned with.
Everything is almost perfect, so stop aggravating yourself over the missing two or three per cent. That does not mean that you don’t have choices. You most definitely do and when the time is right, and you have all your questions answered, you will decide wat is best for you.
Financially all is well. When dealing with an older member of your family you may not get the answers you were expecting, but this time it won’t prevent you from doing what you need to do. Trust yourself. HINT: Thursday is a good day for arranging an important meeting.
You need to take some time this week to rest and recharge.
Soon you will be so busy that you regret wasting this quiet time. The next few weeks are perfect for getting organized, collecting information and for tying off loose ends. New assignments and work related projects will soon be keeping you busy and by then you will be raring to go. Financially you are not yet where you need to be, but things are progressing rather nicely and in the weeks to come you will feel less pressured.
HINT: A conversation with another water sign will solidify a feeling you have and help you see things much clearer.
You are ready and This is not the time to act in haste, no matter how anxious you are to get moving.
Take a step back and double check times, dates and figures. Something is missing or not right. When in doubt, call in the experts. If you must sign any important papers this week read everything carefully, don’t just add your signature to the bottom. HINT: Financially you are tired of counting pennies and are ready to go out and splurge. Remember to leave your credit card and check books at home. If you have the cash, go ahead.
Monday and Tuesday are good days to spend with your partner or mate. Just the two of you, for a change. People love coming over and you are never at a loss of where to go or who to be with. But for now, a little quiet one-on-one time is best. Financially all is under control and you continue to watch your savings rise. When dealing with another earth sign remember that this person has your best interests at heart even though they find it very difficult letting go. HINT: Be patient. All is falling into place.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
A breakdown in communication between yourself and an earth sign cannot be avoided, and if this person is also a family member I may take even longer to rectify the situation. Rather than turn a conversation into an argument, walk away and don’t dwell on what was said in a moment of anger.
Financially you continue to watch your bank balance and for now need to curb any unnecessary expenses.
HINT: The middle portion of this week is perfect for working on a project which brings you personal satisfaction.
You continue guarding your free time as you realize that soon you will be back working overtime, once again. Try not to be too disappointed in a friend who made a promise which, so far, hasn’t been kept. Give them a little more time and space.
Financially things are tight and you continue doing your best to cut back. In the weeks to come things will definitely improve, but for now if you don’t need it forget about it.
HINT: A lack of communication between yourself and a sibling or person you come into contact with daily might cause a few hurt feelings, but nothing major.
Money, money, money! Not only yours, but the financial situation off someone very close to you has you rather concerned as well.
Don’t panic. Stick to your original plan for the time being and trust yourself and them! A conversation with your partner or mate will help you to see things in a much different light and will provide a lot of food for thought. Sunday and Monday are the best days for enjoying the company off a Libra you are close to.
HINT: This week try to put as much time as possible aside just for yourself.