Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of September 9, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Take your time and think twice before making a serious commitment.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Your mind continues to work overtime and you may discover that it is hard falling asleep. Leave your troubles at the door and remember somethings are not your responsibility and not up to you to fix. Financially all is well and you have enough funds to make a major purchase. However, it will be best if you postpone it until after the last week of this month. HINT: When speaking to an air sign be prepared for a breakdown in the lines of communication between you, and the more you persist on answers, the muddier the waters.
This is not the time to dwell on past mistakes or lost opportunities.
What’s done is done and all you have to consider are thee lessons you learned. Not all roads lead to the pot of gold, but they do all provide a learning experience for the open minded. Time spent with your partner or mate will help you to see things in a much different light, so don’t hesitate to discuss your feelings.
Financially you continue to be concerned, but not overly so. You know where you are going and continue to stick to your plan. HINT: Good week for putting your own needs at the top of your list.
Check your schedule carefully in order to confirm dates and times of important meetings.
There may be a last minute glitch or cancellation which will be rescheduled in the near future. Someone from your past is interested in renewing a relationship and it will be up to you to decide how much you trust this person and are willing to let them back into your inner circle of friends. Financially, you find it rather difficult hanging on to money as unexpected expenses can’t be postponed. HINT: When speaking to a close family member, listen carefully and say little.
Money and finances continue to be uppermost in your mind as you have a major decision ahead of you. Luckily, you have many options and your good name is worth its weight in gold. Always ready to lend a helping hand you find that even in your busiest moments you have time to listen to a friend and see what you can to help.
That is just one reason why people respect and admire you. HINT: Be wary of committing to any project that suddenly appears this week and next. If it still looks good by the end of the month that is when you should begin considering it.
Your time is limited now as you have, once again, taken on a new role or responsibility at work.
Once you get into a routine, you will be pleased with your decision and the people you meet along the way will make your job feel less like work.
Your partner or mate is also not as free as they were and you may find it difficult getting your schedules to coincide. HINT: Money and financial matters are always on your mind, but things continue to be under control and you know that if and when you need a helping hand there are family members waiting to jump in.
Things are moving along smoothly and although you feel no pressure, you are beginning to feel rather bored. This is a perfect time for gathering information and checking out your options. However, it is not the time for making any rash or new decisions. Financially all is well and soon you will have the funds you need for a major trip this year with your partner or mate. A conversation with an earth sign will prove once again to be more of a lecture than a discussion. Trust your instincts and the less said right now, the better.
You are rather at loose ends and have more free time than you have had in quite a while. Slowly but surely you have started to fill in your calendar, but there are still too many empty spaces for your peace of mind.
Don’t worry. As the days and weeks progress all will work out, even better than you had imagined. Remember that the glass really is half full.
Taking care of an elderly member of your family is exhausting and you need some quality time alone to think and relax and plan. HINT: Financially you are a little worried, but have things under control.
For so long you have had the feeling that you are either treading water or hitting the gas and then the brakes that you are more than ready to get off the merry-go-round. Unfortunately too many people still rely on you and for the time being you have to forge ahead as usual. The contacts you have made over the years will come in handy in the weeks to come. Financially you are still looking for ways to add extra income.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for setting up important meetings and arranging some social functions.
You are ready for more challenges professionally, but not ready to rock the boat. In the weeks and months to come you will have the information you need as well as the experience to make a well-thought out decision. For now just remember that boring really is better. Try to find a day or two to get away with your partner or mate for some quality one-on-one time. You both could use the rest and enjoy being alone without all the family and friends around. Financially all is well. HINT: Your relationship with a Libra is very pleasant these days.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Don’t be hasty. Just because it feels right, doesn’t mean it is the best thing you can do at the moment. Take a step back and if you can’t focus enough to get to the bottom of the situation, and then call in an earth sign to help. Money and finances never run smoothly in your life, but you enjoy the excitement and the challenge. This weekend try putting some time aside to rest at home. Both you and your partner or mate can use the time away from all the family and friends who continue to pop in or phone at all hours.
HINT: Double check all paperwork and remember where you put your files.
You have enjoyed some quiet creative time over the past few weeks and are now ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. More than that, you are ready for a shot of income which will come your way as soon as you get organized.
This is the time for solidifying the old while making room for the new.
In a few weeks you will have the opportunity to spend a few days with a family member who lives nearby. The change will do your both good. HINT: Your relationship with your partner or mate continues to be strong and together you make an envious team.
Money and financial matters are uppermost on your mind right now but don’t do anything out of the ordinary or drastic. Slowly but surely all has begun to fall into place and the more relaxed you are the better. But, you can help but not allowing yourself to spend money on something you think you need… or that someone you care about will like. You are spending all your free time on a project which gives you great satisfaction and professional growth. HINT: You may be disappointed in an old friend, but for the time being give them the benefit of the doubt.