Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of November 21

Tip for the week: Don’t overdo…one step at a time will get you exactly where you need to be.

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! This is a perfect week for you to enjoy spending time with family and friends. Although your desk is piled high with work, you can afford to take a little time off without causing any major setbacks or problems. When you get back you will be refreshed and ready to dive in once again. Financially you have things under control and soon will be able to relax where money is concerned.
HINT: A conversation with a water sign will provide you with a new way of looking at things, so arrange a meeting.
You have so much energy these days and if you can find a way to harness it and focus on what you really need to do, you will not only manage to catch up with some important paperwork, but actually get ahead as well. Monday and Tuesday are good days for spending time with a special friend… just what you need in order to put some balance back into your life. When you have a moment, call an older member of your family. This person cares and would love to hear from you.
HINT: Good time to start putting some money aside!
Although you feel things are not really going according to plan, the truth is that new doors and o p p o r t u n i t i e s await which will take you to a much better place than you originally expected! Trust yourself and enjoy the ride. A personal relationship continues to grow and is just what you needed.
All work and no play was terribly boring! HINT: Financially you continue to pay attention to your bank balance and soon will be in the position to make a major purchase you have been contemplating for quite some time.
Things are finally moving forward and even though you have had some bumps along the way you can sit back and bask in the joy of a job extremely well done. This is a good time for you to pay attention to your own needs and if you are considering beginning a diet or exercise program, this is a very good time. When speaking with a colleague don’t be too anxious to share all your ideas. By the end of the week you will have more information and that is the time to decide just how much you trust this individual.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for arranging important meetings.
Your week will be divided between your professional obligations and your personal commitments.
Meetings and social get-togethers will take up much of your spare time so plan accordingly.
Time spent with a fire sign will bring surprising and happy results.
You have much more in common than you originally thought and this week will bring the relationship up a notch.
HINT: When dealing with financial matters, take into account that there might be some delays and disappointments which are completely out of your control. Take a step back and leave the job to the experts. Within a short period of time all will get back to normal.
This week you should consider taking a little trip with your partner and/or mate to the sea or simply a long walk along a quiet avenue.
You enjoy discovering new places and things and right now you can afford to take a little time off for some R&R. Financially you continue being very careful and although you can afford a little splurge once in awhile, for the time being you will be best served putting cash away for a major project or purchase which you will be making in a few months.
HINT: A window of opportunity is open to improve relations with a Sagittarius if you are interested.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
The time has come for you to reach out to your partner and/ or mate and begin sharing more of your thoughts and plans. It is true you both need your space but once territories have been well established you are a formidable team and work extremely well together. Your thoughts return to a project which has been shelved for far too long and needs addressing now. When coming into contact with neighbors and people you meet every day remember that honey works better than vinegar.
HINT: The time is right for those of you considering registering for a course or two.
Super sensitive you easily absorb all that is going on around you and the time has come for you to put on blinders, establish borders and remember that although you think it is Code Red, in effect it is only Blue or Green…so relax! You continue working very hard and your spare time is minimal but as you enjoy what you are doing and appreciate the financial rewards, you don’t mind at all.
HINT: The early morning hours are the best for working on a project at home which demands creativity, attention to detail and intelligence.
You don’t seem to have enough hours in the day and now is the time for getting organized.
Soon you will be working overtime in order to complete a project on time, so use this lull wisely. So many people turn to you for advice, a shoulder to lean on or simply because your strength makes them feel safe, and as much as you love helping the time has come to take care of yourself and your own needs.
HINT: People living far away would love to see you but for the moment you simply don’t have the spare time or extra funds necessary for such a trip.
As much as you know and feel you have examined all the facts and the result you have come to is the right answer, you may have to take a step down and let someone close to you take the reins for a change. Try to remember that there are two sides to each coin and yours may be only good for you, yourself.
By the middle portion of this week you will discover that time spent at home is exactly what you need in order to rest and contemplate your next move.
HINT: Financially you are always on top of the situation but that does not, however mean you are satisfied.
As you continue checking off each item on your list of things to do, you will be amazed at how well you are doing and, even more, how well your ideas and projects are being received. This is the time for you to push forward and solidify some of the special contacts you have made over the past few weeks and months. All you need to do is be yourself and everything will fall into place.
HINT: The people closest to you are your source of support and this week you will have the opportunity to do something very special for one of them.
You may find it rather difficult saving money this week as unexpected expenses coupled with a busy social week could cause a bit of stress concerning your cash flow. Before you reach into your pocket get a second or even third opinion and you will be amazed at how much you can save. A conversation with a financial expert is also worth examining. Problems with a sibling may demand a little more tact and understanding, so back off for a bit and let the dust settle.
HINT: Take some time this weekend to enjoy the company of a special friend.