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More than 30 different cultural events will take place around the country during Yemei Tarbut, 2014.

Lady Gaga will perform in Tel Aviv. (photo credit: PR)
Lady Gaga will perform in Tel Aviv.
(photo credit: PR)
Ken Loach’s new film Jimmy’s Hall is set in the picturesque but impoverished Irish countryside in the early 1930s. Based on a true story, the film tells the tale of the only Irishman ever deported from Ireland.
Jimmy Gralton (Barry Ward) returns home to his mother’s cottage after having left many years before to work in New York.
He reconnects with his still lovely old flame and gets involved in reopening a long-shuttered community center, which soon becomes a thriving spot where many young people have fun – much to the government’s disapproval.
2 ON THE WALLS The new exhibition at the Ilana Goor Museum, Old Jaffa, titled “Projecting Art,” consists of video art projected on the exterior wall of the museum.
The works by prominent Israeli video artists, alongside promising young artists, which deal with issues of personal, social, cultural and gender identity, will be projected on the exterior wall of the beautiful old building. During the exhibition, the museum will host concerts, gallery talks and guided tours.
From September 13 to October 25. For further details and tickets, call (03) 683-7676 ext. 20 or go to
3 TWO GREAT COLLECTIONS “Tel Aviv–Paris–Tel Aviv,” the private art collection of Shmuel and Tamara Givon, will be presented at the Givon Gallery and the Givon Art Forum in Tel Aviv.
Another comprehensive exhibition of works from the Givon collection, “Transparent as Aquarelle,” will be on display at the Ein Harod Museum.
Opens today at 8 p.m. at the Givon Gallery, 35 Gordon Street, Tel Aviv; and tomorrow at the Givon Art Forum, 3 Alroi Street, Neveh Tzedek.
4  CLASSICAL ARAB SOUNDS The Trio al-Farabi performs a concert of Arab classical and modern music. The trio specializes in performing a variety of Eastern classical instrumental works and genres, with an emphasis on Arab music of the 19th and 20th centuries, in addition to original works by the ensemble members.
Tonight at 8:30 at Confederation House in Jerusalem. For tickets and more information:; (02) 624-5206, ext. 4 and 5
5 NONSTOP PIANISTS A first-time piano event will take place at the Jerusalem Theater compound.
“24-Hour Piano” will pay tribute to the veterans, contemporaries and future generation of Israeli pianists. The event introduces collaborations between the Israeli and classical piano, such as Shlomo Gronich and Claire Huangci, Yoni Rechter and Prof. Andre Hajdu. The guest of honor, Prof. Arie Vardi, will conduct and perform with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra of the Israel Broadcasting Authority and feature Claire Huangci in concertos by Bach, Mozart and Saint-Saëns.
September 11 and 12 at the Jerusalem Theater.
For tickets and information, contact the Jerusalem Theater.
6  CULTURAL FESTIVITIES More than 30 different cultural events will take place around the country during Yemei Tarbut 2014, sponsored by Mifal Hapayis and the Culture Ministry. Leading cultural institutes will open their doors to offer a variety of experiences such as concerts, theater, dance and art events for up to NIS 20. Residents of the South are invited free of charge. Some of the shows will be free for all. Amir Benayun (pictured) will perform with Emil Zarihan in Ramla on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.
September 9 to 15. For a full program, go to
7 A MOVING COLLABORATION The Dance with Japan event at the Suzanne Dellal Center presents contemporary dance in Japan and special Japan- Israel collaborations between Israeli and Japanese choreographers living in Israel. The event opens today at 9 p.m. with Four Sonatas, an evening of four works performed by Israeli dancers, as well as Japanese dancers who live here.
September 7 to 13 in Tel Aviv. For more information, go to or call (03) 510-5656.
8  BEFORE THE SCHOOL YEAR Wise at Night: Celebrating the New School Year at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem is an evening of study sessions and creative activities with artists, lecturers, curators and instructors. The evening will include theme-oriented gallery tours, hands-on experimenting with color and material, encounters with artists, live music and more.
Wednesday from 7 to 11 p.m. Free of charge. For information, call (02) 670-8960.
9  SLIHOT Join the Slihot tour of Beit Shmuel, around Nahlaot and the Jewish Quarter. The tour passes through quiet side streets of the different neighborhoods of Jerusalem during an unforgettable white night.
For tickets and more information, call (02) 620-3461.
10 GAGA ABOUT HER Lady Gaga is coming to Israel on September 13 as part of the pop diva’s world tour ArtRave: The Artpop Ball, supporting her third studio album Artpop (2013).
ArtRave’s concept and name are derived from the Artpop release party, ArtRave.
The stage at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv will resemble a cave and will consist of two sections connected by catwalks, allowing the audience to move underneath the catwalks while still being able to watch the show.
For tickets: Lean ticket office, 101 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv; (03) 524-7373