Top 10 things to do

From concerts to art exhibitions to new films, here's what to look out for this week.

‘Magifique’ by the Malandain Ballet Biarritz. (photo credit: PR)
‘Magifique’ by the Malandain Ballet Biarritz.
(photo credit: PR)
One of the most beloved characters from the highly acclaimed, award-winning TV series, the fraudulent lawyer Saul Goodman – played by Emmy prize winner Bob Odenkirk (Fargo) – returns in a spin off from creators of Breaking Bad. The comedy drama will show the story of Saul’s life six years before he became Walter White’s lawyer. The series (Better Call Saul) will be broadcast on HOT3 and HOT VOD.
A new project invites top dancers to choreograph performances inspired by Israeli dance shows before the ’90s. Each chosen choreographer has received a NIS 200,000 budget to produce a performance.
Noa Shadur, choreographer and video artist, will recreate the performance of “Suite,” a dance by Noa Eshkol from 1966.
Sunday at 6:30 p.m. at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard.
For tickets, call (03) 607-7020.
The Malandain Ballet Biarritz will appear at the dance series in Herzliya with the performance of Magique, a work by choreographer and art director of the group, Thierry Malandain. The performance is presented in a modern classic ballet style to the music of three of Tchaikovsky’s famous suites: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker.
Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. at the Herzliya Performing Arts Center, 15 Jabotinsky Street.
For tickets, call 1-700-702-929;
The National Dance Company of Ireland with its 4.5 million fans uncovers new ground in Irish entertainment with its latest performance. Two vivacious hours on stage with 22 dancers, three tenor vocalists and live music in nine scheduled shows across the country in a performance that examines Irish culture throughout its history.
First performance on Wednesday at 9 p.m. at the Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv. For more dates, information and tickets, call: *8780; *6226;
The third concert for the season, in the series “Friday Noon Cameri,” by the Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Lezion will host the Aviv String Quartet – violinists Sergey Ostrovsky and Evgenya Epstein, violist Timur Yakubov and cellist Aleksandr Khramouchin – and pianist Daniel Gortler. The program will include works by Schubert: Adagio and Rondo Concertante in F major; Violin Sonata in A major; and String Quartet No. 14 in D minor.
Friday at 12 noon at the Rishon Lezion Heichal Hatarbut. For tickets, call (03) 948-4840.
6 DEBUT NEXT TO CLASSICS The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Lezion will welcome guest conductor Andres Mustonen and singer Yonatan Razel for a concert of works by Beethoven and Handel. The program will include: Symphony Nos. 1 and 5 by Beethoven; Music for the Royal Fireworks; and a national debut performance of “Ratzo Veshov [Running to Return],” a fantasy composition for orchestra, vocals and shofar by Yoav Shemesh.
Thursday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at the Rishon Lezion Heichal Hatarbut. For tickets, call (03) 948-4840.
Four years after his very successful visit to Israel, Emir Kusturica returns with the performance No Smoking Orchestra. The orchestra is one of the most colorful jazz, Balkan and ethnic ensembles of musicians in Europe over the past two decades. The performance is a spectacle; unexpected and dictated by relations of the performers and their audience. It is based on the music from Kusturica’s musical film Gypsy Hour and other films such as Black Cat, White Cat, Beneath the Surface and Arizona Dream.
Monday at the International Convention Center, Jerusalem, Tuesday at the Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv, and Wednesday at the International Convention Center, Haifa at 9 p.m. For more information and tickets: *6226; *9066; (04) 837-7777.
A new display at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art holds three chapters: Pioneering and National Modernism presents Modernism- influenced art made in pre-state Israel and in its early years; Post-Zionist Post-Minimalism: Internationality and Subjectivity – art from the 1970s to 1999, relating to the geometric and personal; Early 21st century: Reductivism and Redundancy – art with an emphasis on minimalism and maximalism. Curator: Ellen Ginton.
Open daily at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard. For more information, call Orit (03) 607-7019.
The Red South Festival is celebrating a decade of existence. The southern region is still licking its wounds from past summer’s war, but the anemones will still beautifully decorate the northern part of the Negev.
The festival will include the second Winery Race, many diverse tours, a farmers’ market with local goods, various sessions and activities for the whole family and musical performances by Dana Berger, Idan Raichel, Red Band hosting Marina Maximilian and Carolina and many more.
Four consecutive weekends starting Thursday.
For more information:
10) MAN’S INDEPENDENCE In Volunteer Man a gay man volunteers to visit a tough drug dealer who is dying of AIDS in a New York City hospital.
They come from different worlds, with different outlooks but over time they find a common cause, an exploration of the right of a patient with an incurable illness to choose to end his life. Directed by Roy Horovitz. Produced by Mirror Theater. In English.