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Benedict serves the most important meal of the day – all day, every day.

Breakfast taco at Benedict (photo credit: PR)
Breakfast taco at Benedict
(photo credit: PR)
Breakfast in Israel is an institution, and Benedict presents it impeccably. Chef Guy Arbel is the head chef at the popular all-day breakfast chain, and he recently revamped the successful menu with the addition of new dishes from all over the world that are specifically designed for the evening. I’ve eaten at the Rothschild branch (there are three other branches, one further north in Tel Aviv on Ben-Yehuda St, the other in Herzliya and a new one in Rishon Lezion) many times before.
Although it’s a bit crowded at times and at certain hours, you may have to wait in line before you’re seated, the service is great, and the food is of the best quality.
Part of the charm at Benedict is that the staff make a point of creating a breakfast atmosphere, no matter what time you go there. My dining partner and I arrived at around 8 p.m. and were greeted by the hostess with a pleasant “Boker tov.”
Warm, bright decor set the mood for the cheery atmosphere that permeates this place. With its large glass windows, the restaurant is great for observing all the weird and wonderful activities taking place along the boulevard.
As we sat down, our enthusiastic waiter began to bring us a selection of warm rolls, jam and Nutella that come with every main course.
My companion and I sampled several items from the extensive menu and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Appetizers such as roasted eggplant (NIS 24) with raw tehina and tzatziki and a delectable combination of grilled Portobello mushrooms (NIS 24) with goat cheese were delicious.
In between, we enjoyed two glasses (NIS 32 per glass) of Chateau Sainte Michelle Gewurztraminer, which had enough fruit, body and sweetness to complement the complex flavors, textures and oils of the dishes.
For the main course, we were treated to the eggs Florentine with creamed spinach, onions and nutmeg (NIS 66). The hollandaise was nicely flavored, but not at all heavy. Unfortunately, my eggs were overdone. The server checked back with us almost immediately and was happy to take my eggs back.
My dish was back on the table within two minutes, this time with perfectly poached eggs. I was very impressed with how quickly they fixed the problem.
This was followed by Benedict’s hamboker (NIS 72), which consists of three mini beef burgers served on a baked potato rosti with poached egg, guacamole, goat cheese and tomato salsa. The beef was cooked perfectly with an incredible salty char. The potato rosti was so well browned and seasoned. It was savory, salty and filling. And, of course, the poached egg on top made the entire dish magic.
Last but not least was the breakfast taco (NIS 69). Made up of three tortillas, it had a fresh and slightly spicy taste, a good chorizo and scrambled egg combination, which weren’t too heavy. It was surprisingly good and definitely hit the spot.
Topping off the meal with a shot of espresso, my dining partner and I were served a vegan crepe (NIS 34).
It was fresh, sweet and savory. The crepes were draped with blueberry sauce, and inside was a melting love affair between dark chocolate and blueberries. The taste was worth the wait! Benedict has been an A+ player in Tel Aviv for some time, and now I understand why. Awesome food, quick and friendly service, everything you need for a great breakfast! I must say, I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other items on the menu.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Benedict Not kosher 29 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv (03) 686-8657 Open daily, 24 hours