WATCH: Israeli musician's search for mystery donor who gifted his first guitar goes viral

A plea by an Israeli musician to find the mysterious donor who sent him his first guitar as a Hannukah gift goes viral, gaining more than two million views.

Israeli guitarist's search goes viral
A video uploaded by Israel based musician Arnold Nesis appealing for a mysterious donor who sent him his first guitar when he was fifteen years old has gone viral gaining more than two million views since it was first uploaded onto social media on December 27, 2015.
The video shows Nesis telling his story about how he wanted to become a musician as a teenager and his lack of parental support.
"I'm fifteen. I'm into metal and I have long hair and I have this dream of becoming a musician -- only one problem, my parents don't really like that plan and they surely don't buy me an electric guitar," he said.
He also describes the plea he made on ebay and shows the guitar he was ultimately sent by a mystery donor in the United States.
"I go on ebay, I'm e-mailing people saying hi I'm this poor guy from Israel and I..won't buy me a guitar. If your guitar doesn't sell can you send it to me? So I send like twenty emails and eighteen people just ignore me. But one guy writes me he will release the guitar if it doesn't sell and if it doesn't sell he will send it to me and then one guy writes to me and says I'm a Jew too, this is my present for Hanukah...and sends me this."
The make of guitar he was sent was a red Ibon Essex Explorer Destroyer X .
Nesis goes on to talk about what he knows about the donor and his previous attempts to find him. He ends on a final plea to 'pay back' the man who gave him his first guitar and how it changed his life.
"I think it would be so cool if after fifteen years he can see what it did, that this gesture actually changed someone's life. I was really lucky the past few years to work on great projects and I think it know," he said.