Young Olim in Israel: Success Stories

This section is dedicated to young new immigrants who have surpassed all expectations and developed personal careers and successful businesses while getting used to life in Israel.

Jason Blankfield (photo credit: MARTINA BIALEK)
Jason Blankfield
(photo credit: MARTINA BIALEK)
This is the story of Jason Blankfield. Jason made aliya from Australia in 2010 and shortly after immigrating to the country, he drafted to the IDF and became a lone soldier serving in the Search and Rescue unit “669”. Jason studied Sports Science at the University of Western Australia and after being released from the IDF, Jason decided it was time to apply everything he had learned in the army and in his studies in Australia. His thirst for knowledge had him continue his studies in the field of Sports Science whilst also adding to his repertoire, a masters in Nero Linguistic Programming at the SRI University in the United States. His motivation and determination pushed him to want to create positive change in Israel, where he recognized how greatly his services could be utilized.
In 2015, Jason decided to put all of his experience and knowledge into creating (PSP). His vision and inspiration to create the company came from the "Start-up Nation". While realizing that this concept was not yet developed in Israel, Jason knew he needed to make it happen, and quickly. Jason combined the innovation and knowledge he had acquired during his time in the IDF with the tools and techniques he learned in his studies of Sports Science and Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Jason explained, 'Peak State Performance’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize the strength and conditioning culture in Israel, by maximizing athletic development and sports performance for individual athletes and teams, alongside promoting optimum personal fitness strategies to achieve health and wellness for all. Through specialized, scientifically based strength and conditioning programs and by utilizing current research in the field of Neuro-Linguistics, we tap into the power of motivational language which has proven to have a significant increase in performance and abilities'.
PSP’s growing team is based in Tel Aviv and has been operating since the beginning of 2015. In an effort to include new immigrants to the company, PSP’s staff is made up entirely of young, new, passionate immigrants. While asking Jason the reason behind this he noted that ‘It’s important that new incoming immigrants have an opportunity to develop their careers and I want to show everyone that it is not only possible to make it in this country, but that you can thrive’.
Jason’s approach to health and fitness is a holistic one; he believes that ‘peak performance’ is far more than exercise and nutrition. It entails consistency and synchronicity of the mind, body and environment. Once this is accomplished, only then can one achieve the results one desires'. 'We are teaching kids the importance of having a mentor, to educate themselves and be surrounded by people that will make them grow and be better at what they do’. Jason also stressed that ‘We want our clients to open up their minds to understanding and believing that this is both a mental and physical effort and both aspects need to be in sync’.
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