Apple edits bagel emoji after outcry

Update to iOS adds cream cheese and a more appealing texture to the bagel emoji.

Apple's new (L) and old (R) bagel emojis, the former of which was released October, 2018 (photo credit: APPLE)
Apple's new (L) and old (R) bagel emojis, the former of which was released October, 2018
(photo credit: APPLE)
Never underestimate the power of an angry internet mob.
After considerable online outcry over its unappetizing bagel emoji earlier this month, Apple has edited the icon in an update released this week.
When Apple unveiled its first peek at a new bagel emoji in early April, the internet was decidedly underwhelmed. Many decried its lack of cream cheese or other toppings, others lamented its smooth, unrealistic texture and some condemned the lack of sesame or poppy seeds.
Well on Monday, Apple released a new beta version of iOS 12.1, and the bagel emoji has undergone a serious overhaul. The most notable change is the addition of a generous schmear of cream cheese inside the sliced bagel. In addition, the bagel's outside texture has been edited to look more craggy and the color less even, resulting in a startlingly realistic cartoon bagel.
Of course, emojis still differ widely among platforms - currently the Twitter and Google versions both have cream cheese and sesame seeds, while the Microsoft and Samsung versions have neither. None come close to the authentic-looking version Apple has now produced.
The Philadelphia cream cheese branded celebrated the change on Twitter on Monday, writing: "Hooray! Bagel lovers everywhere united and convinced @Apple to turn the plain #SadBagel into a delicious #HappyBagel and we are celebrating."
This isn't the first time an emoji outcry has had a direct effect. Last year, Google came under fire when its version of the hamburger emoji featured the slice of cheese at the very bottom of the sandwich. The company quickly fixed the emoji, moving the cheese to the top of the patty.
The effect of online outrage appears, however, to be somewhat less effective on real-life issues.