Call it: Has a cheating scandal hit the world of poker?

Poker veteran Garrett "Gman" Adelstein accused newcomer Robbi Jade Lew of cheating after her upset victory in Hustler Casino Live poker. What happened?

Poker cards and chips (photo credit: HISTORY CHANNEL/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
Poker cards and chips

A new scandal has just rocked the world of professional poker when Robbi Jade Lew was accused by Jewish poker player and reality TV star Garrett "Gman" Adelstein of cheating during a televised World Poker Tour game.

The game in question was broadcast by Hustler Casino Live which saw Adelstein, an accomplished poker player who has been involved in the competitive high-stakes poker scene for decades, losing a hand to a relative newcomer Lew, as noted by Insider.

Adelstein had a better hand and kept up an advantage the entire round, eventually going all in, with the pot now being worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But Lew ended up winning with an unlikely hand, and Adelstein, an experienced gambler, accused her of cheating. This is because Lew's call didn't match her previous betting patterns thus far.

What happened next?

According to statements Adelstein uploaded to Twitter, he confronted Lew and accused her of cheating. Eventually, though she did not admit to it, she offered to give him back all of his money, something Adelstein took as an admission of guilt.

Adelstein further clarified that he doesn't suspect Hustler Casino Live of being involved in this in any way.

For its own part, Hustler Casino Live says there isn't any indication thus far that anyone cheated, but they would still investigate - even saying in a later statement that they might even use a polygraph test.

Cheating scandals in competitive games

The poker scandal comes following a recent cheating scandal in the world of competitive chess, when chess grandmaster Hans Neimann lost in an upset to Magnus Carlsen. 

There is suspicion that Carlsen could have been wearing some form of vibrating device that helped him cheat - and Adelstein suspects Lew had done something similar.

For her part, Lew continues to deny cheating and took to Twitter to say the following.

"I read the man and make a hero call after he shoves on a turned brick card. Get over it," Lew said.

"I’ll say it again like I’ve said it before: 'I’m not playing nice in the sandbox anymore.' Make it right @GmanPoker. Or don't. #IDGAF. I've already moved on. I'll make it back either way."