Genius or disgusting? Method for peeling hard-boiled eggs goes viral

An influencer shared a unique method for peeling a hard-boiled egg, but commenters have different opinions on his method. You decide, is it a genius or a disgusting idea?

 Box of eggs (Illustrative) (photo credit: PEXELS)
Box of eggs (Illustrative)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

Peeling hard-boiled eggs is not a difficult task, but doing it by blowing air out of your mouth is definitely a skill. A video posted by a social media influencer has gone viral after he shared a method that you probably had not heard of.

Max Klymenko received a lot of interest from internet browsers from around the world after he uploaded a clip in which he peels an egg by blowing through it. 

"This is how you peel an egg without peeling it," he said in the video. He is then seen poking off the bottom of the egg and the top. Immediately after, he blew air from his mouth into one of the holes and the egg came out of the shell perfectly.

Social media response

A day after the video was posted, Klymenko had about 1.3 million views and it attracted hundreds of thousands of responses from people who watched the unusual method. 

"I always peel eggs terribly. Most of the egg whites is thrown away with the shell. I intend to try your method," one person commented.

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Another responded: "Not sure about that. If I peel using this method it will only be for myself, not for others." A third added: "I love the content you publish. Keep it up."

What do you think about this method?