What animal are you? Millions amazed by 15-second personality test

A viral Tiktok shows a woman explaining how it is possible to know how we see ourselves, how others see us and who we really are.

 Woman thinking while browsing on phone (Illustrative) (photo credit: PXHERE)
Woman thinking while browsing on phone (Illustrative)
(photo credit: PXHERE)

We've all taken a personality test or two that tells us what shoe we are or which television show character we are. They're all meant to define our personalities in some super compact way, but everything feels kind of bogus.

A Tiktoker named Morgana has shared a 15-second personality test that is supposed to conclude what animal you are, and it's gone absolutely viral.

She begins the video by asking the viewer to pick the first animal that comes to mind. There's a twist, though (SPOILER ALERT!)

@morganaoreilly I saw this on a deep tiktok scroll. I can’t remember the creator that shared it, I’m sorry. But. Its been with me ever since. #15secondpersonalitytest ♬ original sound - morganaoreilly

Once you've chosen an animal, she says that animal is not available and that you must choose another animal. She does this one more time. Only after you've chosen three animals does she tell you what the true purpose of the test was.

How can you determine which animal you are?

"The first animal is the way you see yourself," Morgana says. "The second animal is the way other people see you. The third animal is who you really are."

"The third animal is who you really are."

Tiktoker Morgana

The same personality test was shared on Tiktok two years prior by a user named Anna, who says that she learned the quiz while she was in Russia. Here, too, there was an immense wave of responses, with Tiktokers "duetting" her or using the audio from her video to test the personality quiz on themselves.

@russianforamericans When I did it my responses were: tiger - dolphin - ocean Share your results with me in the comments! #learnrussian #personalityquiz ♬ original sound - Learn Russian - I’m Anna

Everyone's reactions seem the same: Faces of shock, processing the information they've just unwittingly taught themselves about... themselves!

What animal(s) are you? Comment down below!