Mental Health

COVID-19 more likely to hit mental health of BAME men, study shows

COVID-19 has replicated and in some cases increased health inequalities between BAME and non-BAME individuals.

'Mental health pandemic': A coronavirus side effect

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Are depression, stress and an expected rise in suicides more severe than the COVID-19 disease?

Malka Leifer
Supreme Court hears appeal on decision that Leifer's mentally fit for extradition

Leifer has claimed mental illness since extradition proceedings were initiated in 2014.

Could archeology and modern medicine help validate the Bible?

"The observation of a unique medical condition and the discovery of a related archaeological object could help explain one of the most bizarre accounts in the Bible."

A nurse wipes away tears as she stands outside NYU Langone Medical Center on 1st Avenue in Manhattan
Medical professionals feel burnout, alone during coronavirus crisis

"The whole time I wanted to wake up and think this was a bad dream."

Mr. prime minister, we need help with decline in nation's mental health

There is little talk regarding a consequence of the virus that could suffer the most damage: mental health.

A patient is comforted by a doctor in hospital.
Mental health support is crucial for those recovering from ventilator care

To ease the patients out of their induced comas, whether those comas were coronavirus-related or not, there needs to be someone by their side who can guide them and help them through the process.

Hillel's Tech Corner: 7Chairs: A virtual shoulder for those in need

Barriers to mental health care are widespread and include inefficient and ineffective delivery, lack of patient access to quality care, and perceived stigma about mental health and mental health care

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ gives us a heartwarming take on mental illness

Rachel Bloom’s realistic portrayal of someone with mental health issues is a comfort for those struggling in this moment.

Chef, writer, television star Anthony Bourdain honored with own day

The world-famous food writer took his own life after struggling with depression in 2018, now his friends honor him with a national day in the US to raise awareness of mental illness.

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