Danger: Do not wear this type of clothing on airplanes when flying

A flight attendant reveals life-saving tips and explains: this is why you shouldn't wear tight clothes on a flight.

Flight attendant, stewardess (Illustrative) (photo credit: PICKPIK)
Flight attendant, stewardess (Illustrative)
(photo credit: PICKPIK)

Planning a flight soon? Meet 26-year-old Kajal Manhas, who has worked as a flight attendant for the past eight years.

Her Instagram profile is particularly active with almost 10,000 followers and there, apart from the photos she uploads, she occasionally shares tips that should make it easier for passengers during long flights and also reveals behind-the-scenes secrets.

Recently, Manhas was interviewed by the Daily Star and pleaded with passengers who intend to fly not to ever wear high heels or tight clothes during a flight. Manhas's recommendation is of course not for reasons of style and aesthetics, but for safety.

The flight attendant claims that tight clothes can cause cramps, swelling and also affect blood circulation. Tight clothes, she explained, can slow down blood flow and make a passenger uncomfortable while sitting on a long flight. 

She was talking about a symptom called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - a medical condition caused when a blood clot forms in the arteries, usually in the leg or pelvis, but sometimes in the arm as well. This causes pain and swelling can be fatal in extreme cases.

All this can be prevented by wearing comfortable clothes. Manhas also urged passengers to move and walk during the flight and to drink a lot of water. And what about heels? These uncomfortable shoes may cause you to trip while evacuating the plane.