Do you know the difference between the large and small toilet button?

Does using the small flush handle instead of the large one in the toilet really make any difference?

By Walla!

Flight attendant reveals 8 things you absolutely must not do on a flight

A veteran flight attendant has revealed the secrets he's collected over the years about cleaning the plane, including things you never thought of.

By Walla!

Here's how you can cut an onion without crying

Are you tired of tearing up while cutting onions and not knowing why it happens? Here's an amazingly simple tip that will leave you with dry eyes.

By Walla!

How can you best prepare yourself ahead of a hurricane?

A TikTok went viral after a TikToker gave a helpful tip on how to know if your power went out at any time during the hurricane.

A woman loads laundry into the washing machine at a laundromat in Cambridge, Massachusetts July 2009

This secret ingredient everyone has at home is key to cleaning your laundry machine

It may very well be that the key to keeping a clean washing machine is none other than regular old minty mouthwash.

What mistakes to avoid on your next flight

16-year veteran flight attendant Deanna Castro shared some very essential tips with the InsideHook website that will make your flight more enjoyable and prevent you from making mistakes.

By Walla!
How to Win the Lottery

How to Win the Lottery - 7 Time Lottery Winner Reveals His Nine Tips

Do you want to boost your chances of hitting the top prize in the lottery? Here are 9 tips on how to increase your chances of winning. ⓘ Updated in 2023 with the latest and most valuable information


How Car Title Loans Are Saving Borrowers Time and Inconvenience

Often, when you try to take out any form of finance, you end up jumping through hoops and spending lengthy periods waiting for decisions.

By Leo Giosuè

COVID-19: Coping with uncertainty

In a relatively short time span the world as we know it has turned upside down. Life is not the same. Stuck in our homes, we can only venture out for short walks, shop for food, and get medicine.

Five Cleaning Tips to Combat Coronavirus

Dr. Bronner’s introduces, especially for these days, an organic herbal spray that kills bacteria quickly when soap and water are not available.

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