Which of the glasses contains the largest amount of water?

An interesting riddle posted by a TikTok user went viral on social media after managing to confuse many viewers. According to the its creator, few of the viewers were able to guess the answer.

 Which cup has the most water? (photo credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)
Which cup has the most water?
(photo credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)

This visual puzzle requires lateral thinking, or what we call "outside the box." To arrive at a solution, you must think carefully according to the data in front of you.

In the picture, there are four glasses full of water with a level that looks the same, with each of them having a different item in size and weight. 

You have to find out which glass has the largest amount of water out of the other glasses. The answer is at the bottom of the article.


Puzzle for IQ Test: Only a Sharp Mind can spot which Glass has more Water in Picture within 11 secs!

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The items in each glass

Glass of water A contains scissors, while the glass of water B has a paper clip. Glass of water C contains a sharpener and glass of water D has a spoon. If you look at the picture carefully, it looks like the water level is the same when the items are inside the cups. Now imagine taking them out - in which cup does the level stay higher?

Well, in the glass with the lightest item. So the correct answer is cup B, with the paper clip in it. It contains a larger amount of water than the other cups.