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AN IDF soldier patrols the border area between Israel and Jordan at Naharayim, as seen from the Isra

Netanyahu agrees to give Jordan extra water during Austin's visit

It's a gesture Israel can comply with given that rainfalls have increased the level of available water in the Sea of Galilee.

Sonovia's water-resistant fabric

Israeli company achieves breakthrough in non-toxic waterproof fabrics

The experiment results indicated that Sonovia's ultrasound tech brought the fabrics to level 100 water resistance, the highest possible level, for each fabric sample tested.

People enjoy and bath in the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) next to the city of Tiberias on June 23, 2015

Is the Sea of Galilee's recent water level rise dangerous?

While rising water levels is monumental, Israel turns to desalination as its source for drinking water, and the lake’s water quality has taken the forefront of environmental concerns.


World Water Day: Can water scarcity bring countries together?

Marking sources of conflict, cooperation in MENA region on World Water Day

Future Crops will set up a farm to grow vertical agriculture in the UAE

OurCrowd, Waterfund launch new water investment platform

Waterfund committed $50 million of capital to the OurCrowd managed portfolio, with an initial investment completed in Plenty, Inc., a vertical farming leader.


Special needs teenager drowns in Asi River in northern Israel

The girl arrived at the river as part of an activity arranged for a non-profit organization of special needs teenagers.

Israeli company making water from thin air comes to help Colombian state

The devices extract drinking water from the air itself, and can provide up to 800 liters of fresh water per day.

Mekorot seeks int'l engineering companies to develop infrastructure

Israel's national water company will launch a tender, during the year, to add companies from Israel and around the world to its pool of planners.


Giant manta ray spotted in Eilat in rare sighting

Despite their massive size, manta rays are harmless to humans, but are a rare sight in Eilat.

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