A power station is seen in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod August 8, 2011

With energy resources under attack, zero-trust security is the answer

Zero-trust systems require verification from a highly-verified source before any given change be made to a system or network.

WATCH: Founder of billion dollar Israeli company drilled at home. It didn't end well

Oren Kaniel, CEO and co-founder of the successful Israeli marketing analytics start-up AppsFlyer, is on paternity leave. Watch what happened.

If you don't drink enough water, you can age faster, die younger - study

Dehydration could lead to early signs of aging, developing a number of chronic diseases and premature death, according to a new large-scale 25-year study.

Bottle of alcohol

What does alcohol do to our bodies - and how much is too much?

It doesn't matter if it's because of New Year's Eve or if you're just happy that 2022 is over - chances are that this coming weekend you'll drink more than usual. Here are the possible repercussions.

By Walla!

Mekorot and Water Authority launch desalinated water project from Mediterranean to the Kinneret

The project, one of the most significant infrastructure projects in recent years, will maintain the level of Lake Kinneret even in years when the natural rainfall is lower than average.

  Cyber attack

Will your mayor protect you from Hamas poisoning Israel's water?

The fact that 41% of Israeli municipalities have been attacked by hackers in recent years means that the dangers of cities, and therefore, aspects of water data, being hacked is very real.

Asteroid Ryugu dehydrated, sheds light on solar system evolution - study

Researchers think the Ryugu asteroid surface was dehydrated. This raises several implications, aside from the fact that it implies the existence of water.


Could humans one day go live on these two newly-discovered planets?

International team of scientists discovers two planets that humans could one day live on

This test will tell you if you discriminate: Which woman is holding more water?

The following brain teaser was recently published on social media platform TikTok. This challenge left very few successful participants. How will you fare?


Kyiv mayor says 'apocalypse' scenario possible this winter, but urges no panic

Residents should be prepared, but there was presently no need to evacuate as conditions remained stable.

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