Will Israelis flock to Coldplay's 2024 European tour?

Exciting news for Israeli fans! The beloved band Coldplay is set to announce the continuation of their European tour in the summer of 2024.

Coldplay in concert (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Coldplay in concert
(photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)

The band Coldplay - beloved by Israelis - announced the continuation of its tour in Europe during the summer of 2024.

This will be the third summer in a row in which the band will fill the stadiums throughout Europe as part of its successful Music of The Spheres tour.

According to the teasers presented by the band before its first performance in Amsterdam, it is expected to announce dates in Bucharest, Vienna, Rome, Athens, Helsinki, Munich, and Budapest, among others. So far the band has not performed in Israel.

Why do Israelis love Coldplay?

According to data from Live Tickets, Coldplay has drawn more than 50 thousand Israelis to its concerts in Europe over the past two years. Last year, over 5,000 Israelis came to the concerts in Paris, and a similar number also flocked to Berlin and London. About 2,500 Israelis came to the concert in Warsaw.

In this year's European tour, which ended in Amsterdam, the locations that drew in Israelis were Barcelona, Manchester, and Amsterdam. Yossi Alfasi, CEO of Live Tickets, estimated that about 15,000 Israelis will fly to see the band on the 2024 summer tour.