Would you attend? The prize for the laziest person contest

Few can lie down all day, let alone for days on end, with no sitting or walking allowed for proper circulation. This competition is for those who can. And there is a prize.

  (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)

In a satirical twist, a unique competition takes place annually at a resort in northern Montenegro. Dozens of participants converge, all seeking the coveted title of "laziest person" - and a prize worth 1,000 euros.

Last year's record at the Barzana resort stood at an impressive 117 hours. However, the current contestants have entered their 20th day of the competition and show no signs of backing down.

What last year's winner said

Dubrovka Aksic, the 2021 champion at 38 years old, said, "We all feel great, no health issues; we are pampered, and all we have to do is recline."

Radonia Blagojevich, the organizer of this offbeat event and proprietor of the resort, initiated the competition 12 years ago in the small coastal country of Montenegro, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Its aim was to playfully challenge the stereotype that Montenegrins are inherently "lazy."

How many contestants remain?

She revealed that out of the original 21 contestants, only seven remain, having spent a total of 463 hours in repose.

The rules strictly prohibit contestants from assuming a standing or sitting position, which could lead to disqualification. Nonetheless, participants are allowed 10-minute bathroom breaks every eight hours, as well as the use of laptops and phones.

Credit: Reuters
Credit: Reuters

Phil Knezevich, a 23-year-old from Mojkovac in northern Montenegro, is competing for the first time and exudes confidence in his ability to secure the 1,000 euro prize.

He said, "We have everything we need here; the camaraderie is fantastic, and time seems to pass quickly."