As fires ravage Australia, erotic models raise donations to save koalas

20-year-old model Kaylen Ward, who has already raised a million dollars, says that she will send a nude photo to anyone who donates money to a charity fighting the fires in Australia.

Sex [Illustrative] (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Sex [Illustrative]
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Roughly half a billion wildlife animals died in terrible fires that have continued to devastate parts of Australia since September. Erotic models, porn stars and sex-workers are currently using social media to help raise awareness and funds to help those afflicted by this massive environmental disaster.
Los Angeles model Kaylen Ward had been able to raise over $1 million when she took to Twitter and promised to send an explicit picture of herself to anyone who sends digital proof he, or she, donated $10 to one of the charities she listed, the Montreal Gazette and the online Israeli advocacy group for sex workers, When She Works, reported on Tuesday.
Ward claimed that, due to the massive exposure she received, her parents discovered that she makes a living selling erotic pictures, and are no longer speaking to her. She also claims that a potential boyfriend cut her off when he found out that she is doing this.
“I don’t care,” she said. “Save the koalas!”

She was joined by porn performers Riley Reid and Jenna Lee, who tweeted on Monday that she was able to raise $40,000 so far, and requests for pics are still pouring in.

Ward had hired four helpers to handle the pic sending and check if people who contact her really did donate money. The demand is so great that she sends people one pre-agreed upon picture as she can’t possibly pose for each and every person.
In addition to the wildlife fatalities, 24 people have died, thousands have had to relocate and the Australian army has been mobilized to offer help.
Another erotic performer, Lena the Plug, promised to send pics to anyone who donates even a dollar if $20 is beyond their reach.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had been slammed by Australians, online and in print, for choosing to vacation in Hawaii during this unprecedented calamity.
The Australian fires are much larger than the fires that plagued Brazil recently. They have caused the temperatures to soar across Australia, which is as if the temperature was the same everywhere in the US. Smoke from the fires has caused massive air pollution in Australian cities and as far away as New Zealand.