Australian police pull over dog driving mini-Mercedes Benz

Police labeled the incident 'Caught Driving Under the Influence of Cuteness'

Dog [Illustrative] (photo credit: Courtesy)
Dog [Illustrative]
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Police officers often have to deal with numerous traffic violations on a daily basis, including driving on the sidewalk, but this incident is by far one of the most unusual.
In West Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia, police pulled over a dog seemingly taking a joyride on the sidewalk in a mini-Mercedes Benz SUV, the Herald Sun reported.
"Of course we had to stop and check it out," Senior Constable Lynda Giblett told the Herald about seeing the car-driving canine innocently cruising down the sidewalk. "We couldn't believe our eyes."
The "speedster" – as the police referred to him – was Buddy, a 15-year-old dog (107 in human years), who is blind and deaf. Trailing behind him was his owner, Terri, controlling the car via remote control.
Driving Buddy around in his miniature luxury vehicle is the best way for him to get the fresh air he needs.
Though the vehicle was unregistered and its driver lacked a driver's license, police determined that Buddy was no threat to society and let him go, though writing on their Facebook page that he was caught "Driving Under the Influence of Cuteness."
Regrettably, Buddy was unavailable for comment.