Israeli actress stars in PETA ad

Ayelet Zurer: If you wear fur, you've got blood on your hands.

Man of Steel Star Ayelet Zurer Has 'Blood' on Her Hands (ThePETAAsiaPacific / YouTube)
Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer is the latest figure to star in an ad spot for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – soaked in blood.
In the print advertisement and accompanying video, Zurer speaks out against the fur industry.
“I educated myself a little bit and I became really infuriated by what I saw,” she said. “What’s wrong about the industry is that the millions of animals all over the world – animals that are similar to the animals we know at home, like dogs and cats, are skinned down, beaten down in the most horrific and cruel way just for the sake of fashion.”
The print ad features Zurer kneeling in a fur coat with her hands covered in blood, saying: “If you wear fur, you’ve got blood on your hands.”
Zurer is well-known both within Israel – for her roles in Betipul, Shtisel and more – and in Hollywood – for her roles in Man of Steel, Angels and Demons and Munich.
And she’s not the first Israeli to appear in a PETA ad. Actress Natalie Portman, who has been an outspoken vegetarian for years, appeared in a commercial for the organization in 2007 against wearing fur.
Jewish actress and vegetarian Mayim Bialik appeared in an ad in 2012 against eating meat.