London Grammar cancels Israel, Greece shows over illness

Ticket holders will be able to receive a refund.

'Strong': London Grammar (photo credit: ELIOT LEE HAZEL)
'Strong': London Grammar
(photo credit: ELIOT LEE HAZEL)
British indie rockers London Grammar have canceled two upcoming shows – in Israel and in Greece – due to illness.
On Monday the band posted on Facebook that it would be canceling the performances over the health of lead singer Hannah Reid. The shows were scheduled for May 29 in Caesarea and May 31 in Athens.
“I’m so so sorry,” Reid wrote in a personal note along with the post. She said she had been suffering with tonsillitis that turned out to be glandular fever, and she had to have her tonsils removed.
“I thought I would bounce back to my usual self again after the operation but, sadly, I’m still suffering from the other side effects of glandular fever,” she wrote.
“I’m completely devastated to be letting people down, but, not playing these two shows gives me the time I need to fully recover. I know it’s disappointing but, it’s for the best in the long run and I hope we can make it up to you soon.”
In response, Tel Aviv’s VIVO Productions said it was sad to be notified of the cancellation.
“We were looking forward to this concert just as much as the fans,” the company said. “We’re sorry about the cancellation and we wish Hannah a speedy recovery.
Ticket holders will be able to receive a refund.”